Seems this heat causes so many colics

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Dec 5, 2003
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Otis Orchards, Washington (just east of Spokane)
I was reading Heathers post about her dear mare and it is so hard when one goes.

I spent the other day with a friend at the vets with her mare. By mid afternoon it was obvious it was not going to get better and we could no longer control the pain. It was very heart wrenching to watch. She is a 22 year old mare and surgery was just not an option.

To make a bad situation worse she had a not quite 2 month old foal by her side. When we finally decided it was time to say goodbye, I had my friend take her filly home and I stayed to do the dirty deed.

I did not cry the whole time she was there but boy once she drove away, the flood gates opened. We walked over to a grassy area and we talked while the vet prepared things. She was so tired, she went very quick. The vet even commented on how she was ready to go. He is so kind, he left us alone for a while and let me pet her and cry.

We then decided we both had to know what it was so we opened her up. I knew Debbie would want to know as well. She had a fatty tumor that had attached itself to the large intestine and had stangled the blood supply to the gut. Surgery would not have worked as they would have had to remove so much intestine that she just never would have been right. THe vets opinion was she would have died during the night if we had not put her down.

The filly is doing well and we found a 4 month old colt to keep her company. Has anybody had a foal this young to wean and did you do anything different with feed? Did you use Foal Lac or Calf Manna? She seems to be drinking well and is not depressed. The vet had her give her Carafate for a week to protect her tummy.
What a sad story... I'm so sorry you had to deal with that situation! I am however, glad you were there to help a friend in need.

You should get in touch with Nicole Palimino 88 for info on feeding a baby that young.

What a heartbreaking situation......Please give your friend my sympathy.

Bridget was put down when Jeffie was 2 weeks old. By age 2 months he was eating Foal Lac PELLETS mixed with some grain. I suspect your little one would be okay on the same. Just be sure she is drinking plenty of water too.

Also, we are vaccinating Jeffie earlier than we would if he was still on mom since he lost mom's protective antibodies before he should have. And we wormed him earlier too. Just thought I'd throw that in.....

All the best,

I am so sorry to hear this - such a sad thing to experience.... Your friend is lucky to have you there to help her through it all and so was the mare.......... Best wishes to the foal.
I am terribly sorry to hear what you had to go through! It was extremely sweet of you to be with your friend and the mare through all of this! Your friend is very lucky to have you there for her!

Palomino88 had a 2 month old colt that lost it's mom. She may be able to help you.

I am so sorry for your friend loss. With it being a tumor I agree there was no

way to save her. I lost a beautiful Thoroughbred Mare 9 years ago. She was

my best friend and my stadium jumper. So I to know the pain. She was colicing

very couple of months, we pulled her from training. She then started to colic

once a month. I tried so many Vets, trying with all my heart to save her. I had

so many dreams with her. Once we new it was a tumor (size of a foot ball) attached to the intestines, I knew we could not save her. So you all must know

you did all you could for her.

Now is the time to concentrate on the filly, she left behind. I am glad she has

a friend (the colt) to help her. On feeding, offer the milk replacer, and foal lac

pelets. I would mix it with some Equine Jr or something for foals. I know our foals

are eating hay better then the grains. So I would keep hay out for her.

My heart goes out to your friend and to you.


Thanks everyone, I will pass along your wishes.

Vicki, she is eating hay better than the grain as well. Debbie keeps it in front of them at all times. She had a bag of Equine Sr that she was feeding the mare so she is going to use that up and then get the Junior, but she actaully prefers the Strategy over the Senior.

She is adjusting better than the older colt. He is a climber and keeps trying to get in the pen with the stallion next to them. I think today was better for them both though.
Oh, Annette, I am so sorry for you and for the mare and her owner, for that little foal. It had to be so hard to do that, and yet, as you discovered, there was not a lot to be done other than to avoid some of the suffering.

Please know that my thoughts are with you that you can come to terms w/the loss and find some peace.

Liz M.
Awww Annette, I am so sorry you and your friend had to go through this. That is the terrible part about owning animals, is that it is so hard to accept when they "go".
I'm so very sorry to hear of her loss, but very glad too that your friend was brave enough to end her suffering..

Now she can run free and free of pain. Maxine
hhpminis said:
Thanks everyone, I will pass along your wishes.Vicki, she is eating hay better than the grain as well.  Debbie keeps it in front of them at all times. She had a bag of Equine Sr that she was feeding the mare so she is going to use that up and then get the Junior, but she actaully prefers the Strategy over the Senior.


I am SO SORRY for your friends loss. I have had to wean a baby at 2.5 months as she was pulling her maiden mare (at that time) momma down too much.

I prefer Strategy over Equine Jr as well, in fact the manufacture does not recommen equine jr for foals under six months. My young ones eat hay but not sure how well they digest it?

Tell your friend good luck and that is great she has a buddy!


" Thank you " isn't enough. Words can't express how greatful that I'am to have you as a friend. Your friendship truly is a gift. With out you being there for Mamma, GG and I.... I'm not sure how I would got through it all. The desision to put Mamma down was very hard and than to bring GG home with out her mom was even harder. I know that Mamma understood when I hugged her and the words of my final good-bye. I can't " Thank you " enough for being with her while her spirit was being set free. God Bless her and you ......

Thank you to everyone else for your support and kinds words of encouragement and suggestions. It was very touching to read everyones post. GG is the filly that's in my avatar. I'm blessed that GG carries the same sweet disposition that her mother had. She is a very special filly. Today is the 5th day with out mom and I'm hoping that it will better than yesterday for her and her new buddy " Tyson ".

Thanks again for all of you kinds words.

Sincerely, Debby Sims-Boosalis
How sad
makes me want to cry. How sweet of you to stay with the mare. I dont know if I can do that, I think thats going to be my husbands job. Your friend is soooo lucky to have you. On a good note the foal is 2 months old so I would have to say she is way better off then say a newborn. One good thing to look at. I always try to find a positive out of a bad situation.

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