Saw something disturbing last night.....

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Nov 30, 2002
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On the news last night there was a short story about a man(can't remember his name) that worked for the FBI. Back in 2001,, he felt he was very close to "cracking the code" about when terrorists would strike here. I guess the FBI did not like what he was finding out and they made him resign. This was in August, 2001. He got a new job as head of security in one of the twin towers in NYC. His first day on the job was September 10, 2001. He second day at work, we all know what happened. Shortly before the tower that he was in fell down, he got through to I think his former boss at the FBI and he said, "I told you so", and the line went dead.

It is very disturbing to me that this was a man that may have been able to prevent the 9-11 crisis and he was forced out of his job because he knew too much. The workings of our government is really scary.
sharon said:
  The workings of our government is really scary.

I know what you mean. More and more, it seems like things are done, not in the interests of the country, but in the private interests of certain people. I don't just mean this administration either, although it sure does seem to apply to them.

It really scares me to think some people are given positions of power, while other people are fired, not because of competence to do the job but because they are the friend of someone or made someone angry. I suppose I always hoped that people in power would take it seriously and not use the position for thier own private agenda. I really hope those "checks and balances" the original designers put in, continue to help at least a little. And let's hope the policy makers keep thier fingers OFF the checks and balances and don't change them......
That's horrible.
What was their proof for this story? His boss told someone about this phone call or what? I would just be really suspicious about the truth of this story without some hard evidence. We all know you can't believe everything the media tells us.
I agree with crponies; my first impression is "hoax". Maybe it's the honest truth, but without some additional on the source of this story, that's all it is, an interesting story.
That is so cool that you guys are not just taking it for granted! Good for you!!! You absolutely SHOULD check everything out for yourself.

Actually in this case it is a true story. I am pretty sure Sharon is referring to John O'Neill, who was an FBI operative absolutely obsessed with Bin Ladin and Al Quaeda _BEFORE_ 9/11. He was convinced they were going to attack the US. He was involved with the investigation of the USS Kohl. Anyway, his obsession caused him to be fired from the FBI and he DID go work in one of the twin towers and he died on 9/11. Frontline did a story on his life. You can go here: Frontline: the Man Who Knew and if you do not have miserably slow dial-up like I do, you can actually watch the whole 83 minute show. For those of us with dial-up, that page gives a whole bunch of links to transcripts of the whole show, including where the information came from, who they interviewed for the show etc.

It happens that I watched this story when it first came out, so when Sharon said she had seen a blurb on the news about this guy, I knew who it was.
I sit on the side that knows that there were hundreds of people knew that something was going to happen. Even the federal government admits they knew that something was going to happen. What and where was what nobody could guarantee. If they had spent millions of dollars preparing for every threat that was made the terrorists would never have to do anything other than keep making threats and bankrupt the country into spending never ending amounts of money on empty threats. Terrorists work on peoples minds. In a former life when I was in Viet Nam is was common for a sniper to shoot one person in the head and disappear. Your mind was left to worry about why the sniper picked the one he did, It could have been any one, or rather than one bullet how about one mortar round that could have killed everybody. Had they done that it wouldn`t have left us all to suffer with the thoughts that were in our own heads. The same theory applies to the terrorists. Most people know what the Viet Nam era vets went through, can you imagine a whole population going through the same fears and worries?
I have taken some time to research some (not all) of the information presented and found that this story is not as credible as the headline would lead a person to believe. In virtually all of the cases information has been gleaned from a vast supply of factual and not so factual information and then examined with the benefit of hindsight in order to present selected facts in a light to give them the appearance of being a warning of substance which has been tragically shunted aside. While it makes good reading and does provide food for thought the old sayings about hearing it on the television, seeing it on the internet or reading it in a book or newspaper, does not in fact means its true. There are people who relate, retell , fabricate or just outright lie in order to make headlines, sell a book or just to get their fifteen minutes of fame. It is entirely possible that my conclusions are out to lunch. I think each person who is interested should take time to READ the information presented and see if my point of view stands up as well as the information they are trying to present as hard calculated fact then form your own conclusion. The media is not really our friend its a means to gain high ratings so they can reap the benefits of donation or advertising dollars in a competative market.
Jacquee'- Thank you so much!!!! I was unsure of the name, but was pretty sure it was O'Neil or O'Rielly, something like that. I didn't want to post that because I didn't want to get quoted on something I was unsure of.
There was a story the other night 'the man who predicted 9/11' think on discovery or maybe the history channel probably will be repeated. Sounds like the same man but the name is different and of course I cant recall the name LOL
I agree - everyone should look into this for themselves, and draw their OWN conclusions. PLEASE, check things out for yourself.

What disturbed me about this story was that this guy (O'Neill) was disliked because of the way he dressed. Also, his manner put some people off. Hey, maybe Einstein was not the best dresser, and his manner may have put me off, but I would HOPE that I would still listen to what he had to say about physics....... It did not seem to me that ANYONE had any question about this guy's ability in his chosen field - understanding Al Quaeda, and the middle east. No matter what had happened, I think it is tragic not to be valued for your ability.

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