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Nov 30, 2004
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Last fall we bought a registered purebred all black Arabian mare at a horse auction to save her from the meat market. She is 21 years young, an easy keeper and very sweet. She does have one blind eye but is not jumpy. We did put a saddle and bridle on her and free lunged her in the round pen with no adverse reaction (the people could not remember if she had been ridden or not).

With the dry weather here and lack of pasture we are looking for a loving home for this mare. No cost to you. She is current on all shots and deworming as well as hoof trimming.

Please contact me if you may be interested, She is about 1/2 hour north of Madison Wisconsin. [email protected]

Thanks everyone! Jennifer
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OHHHHH,....She sounds wonderful,...If I lived closer,..I would in a heatbeat!!!!!

I truly hope that you can find a wonderful forever home for her!!!!!!
We hope so, too. My niece just isn't coming out to work with her horses anymore and so this poor mare does not get the attention she deserves. She could still be used for so many things. Last fall we lost our 34 year old arab we had since she was a 3 year old. Up until her last year she was still spry and young at heart!

thanks for your good wishes!

If I was closer, we'd be talking
How has she responded to the saddle? Will she be rideable when she is better? What's her personality like? I'm pretty close to you, but I just don't think we are set up for a big horse
or I would take her in a hearbeat!
Chynagurl8----She was not really run down when we got her, just needed feet trimming and grooming. the people were forced to sell half their herd because they had so many and were not taking care of them (almost all were black arabians). She has learned to pick up her feet and be good for the farrier. She did not even flinch with the saddle and bridle. I see no reason she could not be ridden, just do not know how much training she has had. She is small, around 14 HH, good keeper, just needs muscling. Our pastures are down to nothing and we are feeding hay so we are selling several "biggies" also. Just want her to have a good home. She is VERY sweet, not at all aggressive! She loves attention and grooming!

Thanks, everyone, for your support!

P.S. She has no health problems, either and is UTD on all shots, deworming, etc.

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