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Awkward Artsy

Jan 31, 2020
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Middle TN
Hello! I'm new to the world of mini's and registered horses. I've only ever owned grade so all the paperwork in new to me. I recently got a buckskin pinto mini back in May that had "temporary" registration papers for both AMHA and AMHR along with a pedigree from when he was a yearling. He's 5 years old now and 36 inches and I would love to show him at some point. Iv'e heard that AMHA (or is it AMHR?) has a a new rule about no more minis over 34"
would he still be eligible to get his registration status re-instated? I have all the appropriate signed paperwork from the last person recorded on the back of his papers. I also want to register him with Pinto as there is only 1 AMHA/AMHR show in my entire state all year. Can i hardship him into Pinto if I can't do anything about the A and R papers?
Hi and Welcome! It's AMHA that you won't be able to register him with. Their height limit is 34". You shouldn't have a problem with AMHR. The height rule is no going over 38". Both registries measure horses at the last mane hair on the withers.
I don't really know the rules for the Pinto registration, but I've heard they are more lenient and there isn't a height rule, I don't think. I would contact them and hopefully someone here can tell you more.
The 34” limitation for AMHA is not new, it is the base height since its inception.

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