Really bad dystocia

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Dec 11, 2005
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Glasco, Kansas
[SIZE=12pt]I'm just so sad to write this. I just had a feeling this year would be my year to deal with something bad
Too many easy years

Thursday evening around 7:30, my little mare Happy Tails Exceptional Gossip (Precious) started to get fidgity ( on camera) I had been watching her and hanging out with her all day as the milk check strips were changing from rust to orange I sat quietly in my chair as she began her process of getting up and down and acting as though she was trying to position the foal. All seemed fine.

Precious finally laid out flat and began to push. Nothing came out. I got up and knelt behind her and after another minute of her not producing anything I lubed, gloved and went in. Something didn't feel right I opened her up as well as possible and there was a red bag. OK no big deal. I had every thing I needed and opened the red bag and reached in to find the sac and help guilde the feet and head out. No feet or head
I reached way in and felt a tail and butt. I tried to push the foal back to give me a little room to try and reposition the leg but I just couldn't manipulate it.

All the time I knew it was a red bag and the poor foal was going to sufficate. I called the vet who was there in 20 minutes as they are 20 miles from my place. While she was enroute I kept trying to manuever the legs from up under the foal. Maybe if someone had been there I could have gotten her up on her feet and had enough room to get a leg up but that was not to be.

The vet arrived and she gave Precious a shot to help with the pain. She said we would probably be looking at C-section but she thought she'd give it a try. After about 25 minutes she got one leg out then a few minutes later the other one. It still took several minutes after that to pull the foal.

It was a pretty little buckskin and white filly foal. My vet told me she had never seen a true breech birth, that it was 1 in 500 (don't know if that holds true with miniatures though

Poor Precious was just plain worn out. She was such a trooper through all of it. She was shaky and cold and I covered her with two coolers and two winter blankets, got her a warm bucket of water and a warm mash. I gave her an oral dose of banamine at about 4am as she seemed to be uncomfortable once the drugs had worn off.

We left the foal with her overnight and buried her the next morning. She seemed to understand. She would look for her foal a little frantically then stop and stand there. She has a good appetite and doesnt seemed depressed, I started her on a course of Tucaprim just to be safe. I'll let her back out with her buddies tomorrow. The vet seems to feel, she will be ok and should suffer any permanent effects. Guess I won't either as broken hearts mend

The little filly was by Tami's lovely stallion, Arions Playboy Destiny. She was my little futurity girl....

Thanks for listening,


Joy, I am so sad to read your post.. So sorry for loosing your little filly.
Sending prayers your way that your mare will be alright. And paryers to you to help you deal with her loss..
I am so sorry. I know how you feel and it is so sad and terribly disappointing after all the waiting and hoping. That is good news though that your little mare seems to be OK in spite of everything.

[[[[[[[Hugs to you both]]]]]]
I'm so very sorry for your loss, so glad you have a good vet and your mare will be ok (((HUGS)))
Im so sorry. Its been a rough week for forum members. You are in my thoughts
Joy, I feel so bad about your filly. I know how excited you were. And I am so happy Precious is fine. She is such a sweet mare. Thanks for calling............
So very sorry for your loss, I had a very similiar dystocia as well, it is hearbreaking. Prayers for your mare to recover fully.
I am so sorry you lost your filly. It can be really hard when you have waited do long.

The true breach birth, I had one this year too. Where the butt presents itself with no legs. My vet too told me these true breaches are rare.

I am so glad your mare is fine.
I am so sorry about the loss of your filly. I had a mare abort with breach presentation 2 weeks ago so I wonder how rare they are. My mare ended up in the hospital for several days but is fine now.

My thoughts go out to you and your mare.
She was beautiful, so sorry she didn't make it. My heart goes out to you and your mare. Prayers your mare heals up quickly so glad she is Ok after such an ordeal. You were very brave in trying to help her as you did. Glad the vet was able to get the foal out.

God bless,

Words dont cut it at a time like this but I am so glad your little mare will be OK hoping your heart is healed quickly.
[SIZE=12pt]You guys are the greatest
It's such a blessing to have somewhere you can go where others understand what you're going through. it sure helps

I was wondering... a couple of you mentioned you'd had a true breech as well. Did you notice anything strange or different looking back, that might have tipped you off? I noticed twice for just a second she would almost squat, this was about a half hour before she went into active labor. I don't remember seeing that before, I haven't been around this mare when she's foaled before so didn't know if it was her way of dealing with pain. or if maybe the foal was hitting a nerve. Anyone else notice something just a little off? She also didn't break water (now I know why) Just little things looking back.....

Thank you everyone :love

Our mare was in such horrible pain the vet and I both thought that she was aborting AND colicking at the same time. It reminded me of my big horse's worst colic when he had 24 feet of his small intestines removed. It made me stop and wonder if I ever want to breed another mare. We are still waiting for our first ever live foal. I am sure if we hadn't gotten our mare to the hospital she would never have made it; she would have gone into shock from the pain. So I can really sympathise with you and your mare!

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