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Jul 5, 2005
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Palmer, AK
Hello Everyone! I am new to this forum, but now that I've found it...y'all are in trouble!

Anyhow, the reason I'm writing is to ask a few questions. I'have a 5 year old mini mare I've had since birth & a 16 yo Paint mare.

I am going to be getting 2 more mini's (My husband has NO idea! He's in Korea for a one year remote tour of duty! We're Air Force...Shhhh! What he doesn't know won't hurt him! Or me for that matter! :p At least until we have to ship them to Alaska next year! )

One is a 2 year old soon to be pinto gelding. Beautiful boy with 2 blue eyes!

The other one is an 18 year old chestnut mare. She's the one I'm writing about.

She's a prior show horse, no health problems, great manners, & great with kids. How long do mini's generally live? I ask because my 2nd mini was 12 & died after I had him for only 3 months. The vet said he must have had a pre-exsisting condition, but that doesn't help my fears. He was fine for those 3 months & then one day, he went from healthy to dead in 5 hours!

I am worried about getting attached to this pretty mare (kids too...which is whom I'm getting her for!)) & then her dying right away too!

I know it may sound silly as I have a 16 year old Paint mare who's healthy as a ((ha! ha!)) "horse!" but I was just wondering if mini's had some type of issue I wasn't aware of.

Thanks in advance for any & all advice / replies.

P.S. Anyone know of a good, reliable, preferably affordable hauler that goes to Anchorage, AK thru WA?
Minis can live into their 30s! I have one mare that just gave birth. She's 21 and healthy as an ox. She's not going anywhere anytime soon. I would think that your mini before had a problem. No need to worry! Have fun with her. The problem with horses (as you should know), is that you can lose one unexpected at any age due to colic or some other health reason or accident. You just have to be prepared anyways.

But her age shouldn't stop you.
That can happen to a horse of any age, sadly enough.

Given no health problems, they can live into their 30's. Our first mini was in his mid 20's when he died, but he had cushings and was foundered, and had heaves.

We have a gelding who is 18 this year that I plan to show again.

The best you can guess with any horse is you can have it from 0 - 30's. Like any living creature, there is no warranty or guarantee of life span.
I have several mares who are in their early 20's and are very healthy. I lost my oldest last winter - she was 29. So they can live to a ripe ole age! Enjoy


I have a 20 year old Gelding
who is doing Great!! Also Buckaroo will be 30 this year.

I also think that your other horse must have had other problems.
Ditto to what people have posted already........ Unless a health problem arises, minis can live into their 30's. We have two that are in their 20's right now and you wouldn't guess their age by looking at them.
I have several in ther 20's
Healthy and loving life.

One stallion turned 25 this Feb, he's still actively breeding with no signs of a fact, a foal of his is playing in the front pasture, 30 days old. (Only mare I bred to him). And 25, 23, 21 (2) yr old mares, in addition to 2-18 & oodles of other gals/guys, these are just the more matured ones.

All still running around and whooping it up
In fact, I have to watch the 25 y/o mare, she keeps teasing the 25 y/o stallion
[SIZE=12pt]This is our "Fancy-pants" at the ripe old age of 41..yes, that's not a typo
We have another mare, a Chianti daughter named Ariana who is 28 this year (had to go check her papers). As others have said, a healthy mini who's needs are met can have a VERY long life! Fancy is partially blind and partially deaf, but she's healthy and can sure hear & see well enough to know when Steve is outside. She likes to scam him for treats

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Thanks for all your replies! I feel tons better, especially since I've decided to get just one of them right now! ((HARDEST decision ever!)) I've chosen "Cherry" the older mare since she's already done the showing bit & will be something the younger kids (9 & 6) can learn with. If I chose the 2 yo "almost" gelding, I'd be back to square one with nobody for the little ones to show this year...which they REALLY want to do!


Kim / MommaF8
All I can say is age doesn't matter. Love them while you have them. Sometimes you can do everything right and still have things go dreadfully wrong. It seems like just the right circumstances need to line up for things to go wrong, or right for that matter. Love them, hug them, spoil them, and take each day one at a time.

Welcome to the wonderful world of minis.



I have pulled quite a few of those incidents with my husband. I just told him yesterday that we needed to pick up a horse that I have been looking at and conspiring about for months.
Heehee! Me too! Get everything ready and then tell my husband we bought a horse. Can't back out of the deal now.
Good things he's alright with it and he ends up falling in love with them when we get them home.

Oh, don't tell you husband you'll need to buy a cart, harness, show halter, show clothes, show supplies to get her pretty, etc. Just add a few things to the barn when he isn't looking (a trick of mine)!!
Thankfully MY husband is in Korea until Jan of next he won't even know she's here til we get her!
And since my limit is 2 right now I "will" have 2 after my daughter takes my Paint!
So it'll all work out without him even being the wiser!

Though I believe he WILL notice that our 2nd horse is a bit smaller! ((Mischief, out Paint, is 15 hands! :DOH! ))

Then again, he IS a male......
Naw, just tell him you got tired of mowing the lawns. So you bought a driving lawn mower!!! Heehee! In more than one way, its true.
That is too funny!
He might just buy that one!
Til he wants a photo of it! :DOH!
Hello!!! I'm the current owner of Cherry and am very happy to be able to bless Kim and her family with this great little mare! I've been trying to find the perfect home for Cherry for quite some time now and am so relieved to know that she will be going to such a good home where she will have a job and just be loved! Cherry is the sweetest little mare and I believe she will be the perfect addition to this family! I hope she blesses them as much as she has blessed me!

Thanks again Kim!
Howdy Anna! Good to know you're on here too! YEAH!

I look forward to meeting you & Cherry here soon!

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