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Apr 26, 2005
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I have a mare that is 330 days from last breeding date today. She has had a small bag and until this past monday I was barely getting anything from it and it was clear. Well last Monday I checked her and it is noticably bigger, about 1/2 full I would say, and creamy white colored, but it is watery, and plenty of it. It has been the same since. I have been testing her and it is reading 200 and 8.4 with the pool strips. This is the mares 2nd foal, and last year she was a maiden and fooled me
So I am wondering if her milk is going to get sticky? I will keep testing her with the pool strips, but was just curious to know if the milk will get sticky or not? Thanks
Yes, It will get VERY sticky........which indicates that the colostrum is present.
Thanks. How fast can it change from watery to sticky? I test her twice per day, 700 am and 430. I just dont want to miss her foal this year
My mare started with clear and colourless liquid and not much. then she progressed to clear and yellowish but still watery which I could get a stream or two of with each squeeze, this went on for a few weeks. Then about one week before she delivered the 'milk came out in big drops and it was thick like vegetable oil but turned sticky when I rubbed it between my fingers. Two hours before she foaled she had wax on her teats and her milk was whitish and came out easily. That's when I knew baby was on it's way.

They are all different but that's how it went with my mare this year.
Weerunner is very correct. Every mare is different, but she described a good progression. Waxing is a wonderful indication, but is not too common in minis.

The sticky stuff tends to start happening within a week of foaling and keeps getting thicker and getting more sticky. Some mares' milk/colostrum stays yellowish and some will get white mixed in.

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