Prayers needed for Hopey

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Mulligans Run

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Nov 23, 2003
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Lexington, South Carolina
Once again Hopey needs to be on the prayer list. She had a seizure on the morning that Latigo died. The vets have run bloodwork and can find nothing abnormal. She had another seizure on Friday (2 within 24 hours) and the only thing that our vets can attribute it to is the heat. So, she's in our garage with a window a/c unit where we can maintain her temperature.

She has become depressed and I'm concerned about her mental state since she's not able to be "a normal" foal.

Please keep her in your prayers and feel free to pass along any information you may have on seizures in foals.....

For those of you who don't know, Hopey is our 2 1/2 month old "hospital" foal who is bottle fed.

My prayers are certainly with you and Hopey - what a pretty baby. You certainly are giving her the best of care and the best chance at survival. Please keep us posted.

When little Luna was seizuring, they started off trying to use Diazepam (Valium) to control them. When she was seizuring through that, they switched to Phenobarbital. Good luck with your adorable baby. Sending healing thoughts and good wishes your way. (((((HUGS)))))
Heather, I am sooo sorrry to hear that you are still having a difficult time with all that has happened. I had a colt several years ago that was running around with his mother and then all of a sudden it was as if he fainted and was having a seizure. It scared me to death. I didn't know what to do. After a little while he was fine. It was very hot and I believe the seizure he had was due to the heat. He never did it again. I sure hope Hopey comes thru this okay. I will keep her and you in my prayers.
My warm wished and thoughts your way for all of you as well as Hopey! jennifer
Heather, wish I had some words of wisdom - all I can say is I'll keep her in my prayers and hope it's nothing major.

Oh no this is NOT happening.....I swear this heat is enough to do anyone in.

During that bad heat wave last week I was terribly concerned for Sonny. I tell you that he was burning up. I was hosing him off seemed like ten times a day atleast. I feel that this heat is just way too hard on the young ones and old alike. In Florida I did have horses hit the ground and nope, they were not working or anything like that. I think these babies just get over stimulated and then work themselves up into these heat attacks. I think that soon as this stupid heat passes, Hopey will stablize and quit scarring you to pieces like that. Hold on Hopey, fall is on the way little baby!
Just came back from the vet. I had told them earlier this week that Hope was coughing. They took an x-ray, which was clear. She had some dehydration, so they put in a cath over the weekend.......she went in today to have the IV cath removed and they took her temp and it was 103. The didn't want to put her on antibiotics because they were afraid it would cause diarrhea and thus cause dehydration, which we've been fighting since the seizure.

Today she wouldn't take a full bottle and would just stand with her head on my shoulder. I took her temp at 3 and it was 103.9. I took her right back the vet, they did another x-ray and low and behold - she is getting pneumonia.

They did a trachea wash on her which was touch and go because they thought it might bring on a seizure. And they have her on Naxcel? we have pneumonia to deal with and not sure what caused it but she's warned me if it's something that begins with an R (sorry - my brain is shot from this week, and no, it wasn't Rhino) that we would need to consider putting her down because it's very hard to deal with.

Prayers, suggestions, information....are all welcome here.....

Thank you for the prayers so far.
You have lots of positive manifesting thoughts coming your way.


With her improving in mind

OH NO....poor little Hopey.
It just seems to be one thing after another.

Praying that Hopey is strong enough to overcome this current health problem....and that YOU are strong enough to help her thru it!
Saying prayers like crazy for little Hopey (and you!).....

Oh I hate to hear when a little one is sick... :-( Did they say it was Rhodococcus that was causing her pneumonia? If so that is a very aggressive type of foal pneumonia and we have had the best results treating it with a combination of Rifampin and Erythromycin or a combination of Rifampin and Clorithromycin. Rhodococcus is nothing to mess around with... it can kill a foal very quickly by causing abscesses the lungs and basically rendering the lungs useless. But it is treatable with the right combination of antibiotics. I will be thinking of your little one.

Ginny Long
How sad it is to hear about your foal, I feel your pain and desperation, I'll be praying for your foal, It sounds like you are doing everything possible for Hopey. Hang in there, I know it is hard.
Heather, I'm so sorry to hear that Hopey is sick. Will be hoping for her very speedy recovery!
Im so sorry little Hopey is having more problems. She has had waaay more than her share, and u too. Praying for u all.