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wendi leigh

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Sep 29, 2005
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Stevensville, MD
I've seen the suggestions to use Regumate and antibiotics to treat a possible placentitis and hold off an early abortion. I have a question about dosage to accomplish this. My mare aborted last year at 9 months, possible cause was placentitis.
She's been on Regumate since confirmed in foal this year. She is at about 255 days. Her tail was somewhat relaxed this morning, which was the only sign/symptom she had last year starting about 30 days prior to her aborting. I read one comment somewhere to double the normal Regumate dosage and start a double SMZ dosage. I really would like to avoid a repeat of last year. Anybody have any thoughts on this or what the dosage should be used? Thanks for your input.


Obviously you should consult a vet that knows about repro issues, but from my ONE personal experience, I used 2x regumate and 2x SMZ starting when I suspected the infection (slight discharge) until foaling. In my case it was about 24 days. Mare had been on single dose regumate since confirmation of breeding.

Good luck!


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Nov 21, 2006
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Hi Wendi,

250 days seems to be a common time for mini mare sto abort. We are in the same boat as you with two of my mares this year. One I desperatly want to have a foal from. I have had her on Regumate since we confirmed her pregnancy about 21 days pregnant. She is now in the 250 range and I have started her on TMZ today. I have no signs of problems, but want to avoid them.

I am just using the usual dosage and have never double the TMZ.

It is recommended that if you have any udder development you start them on Regumate and TMZ immediatly.

Good luck and I wish you a healthy foal when she is due!

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