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Dec 28, 2004
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Okay, Willie has the poofiest forelock I have ever seen. I try to thin it, and it just doesnt work! At shows I could put every hair product known to man in his mane, and within minutes it goes POOF! I cant get it to tuck under his halter, because it is to short. Now, I don't mind it for now since we don't have anymore shows coming up (Because I think it is kind of cute. It really reflects his personality too!
) , but when shows come it is just a nusiance
. Ecspecially because we will be going to more shows next year! Anyways to un-poof his forelock??? Thanks

I have pictures if needed....
lets see them pics

have you tried braiding it ?

thats all i have sorry

post them pics

I have a couple like this and until it gets some length it can be quite a bother but here is what I do.

First thin it some more. From the sides, underneath, everywhere.

Then at shows put a huge glob of the heaviest hair gel you can find in your hand, I am talking a big glob and grab the forelock and coat it with the gel. On some I have to do this, comb it through and do it again right before class so it is really wet and saturated with the gel.

I have seen people use Elmers Glue as well but I have not had to resort to that yet. Not sure I would either but hey, to each his own.
Thanks so far!





I will get better pics tonight.. If you want to wait a few hours, I wil have them!
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Is it just me or does it look like you could trim more off from the back near his pole. I have mine trimmed to the point of when the ears are perked, and I am viewing from the side, I cannot see any of the forlock comming from behind. Just a clean bridle path.
Oh Mary you beat me to it!!! Yes, he needs more off from the poll area- and, if you have trimmed under the forelock, DON'T!!!
Let it all grow out over the winter, no trimming or messing, then retrim next Spring (Aaah....SPRING!!!) Then slap a load of extra hold gel on it, stick a hood on him overnight and it should behave!
Hehehe is that Ernie under that afro?!

Nothing worked with Ernie's either! I do think you should cut it back more towards the pole like every one has already said.

But Ernie's was like that ever since I owned him and one day... actually 2 weeks ago, I was brushing him and 50% of it just fell off
But it looks normal and lays down now. It was really odd but he looks better!

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