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Dec 2, 2002
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Norman, Oklahoma
It is with sadness that I ask for all of you to Pray for Mark Bullington and his wife Sharon. He has posted some very sad news on his facebook page.

His health has taken another bad turn and has immediately retired from show announcing. He posted that all tests have been done that can and he is not a good subject for transplant and his doctors said he has 3-12 months to live. He posts that they are having a celebration of life/roast in June and that he hopes to come to the AMHR Nationals to announce the Grand Champion class on last time.

He says that "He is not giving up". Prayer is a mighty sword as we all know, please let Mark and Sharon know that they are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope to see Mark back in Center Ring in that Announcer's Chair that will always be HIS.

God speed waves of healing light and warmth your way Mark, I know his grace and healing Arms will encircle you and uplift you in your fight.

We all love you and hope to see you back in center ring very quickly.
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Don't know Mark but that's sad to hear. Good thoughts.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mark and his family.

I don't knowthe gentleman at all, but love his voice and skills in the Announcers' Chair. "Never Give Up" is a good motto.
I had no idea and am truly sorry to read this news. My heart goes out to Mark and his family. So very sorry!
I also had no idea he was ill , I so love his voice as an announcer , just hearing it makes me smile , sending healing thoughts and prayers to him and his family , I hope they can stay strong
Larry and I have already posted to Mark and Sharon and we plan to be there for him on June 2nd. His kids want to do this for him and with all the people he has touched over the years, I expect a huge turnout. Doctors don't know everything and my prayer is that they are flat wrong this time.
OH NO!!!!!! I had no idea he was ill. This is bad news

I will send him my strongest prayers and healing thoughts.

{{{{Hugs}}}} and prayers to Mark and his family.
So sorry to hear this. You and your family will be in our prayers, Mark. Know that all the horsey members of your family (I mean all that have heard you announce and met you and Sharon at shows) hope that you can make it to Nationals. The best news would be that by Nationals things have changed for the better. Best to you both.
Yes he has been having some health issues a lot lately- this is horrible news. I agree- I dont know anyone that has an expiration date on them and hope the doctors are WRONG. Mark has announced at the Scottsdale show here a few times too and at Nationals, it is always fun showing with him at the microphone. Nobody handles a show like Mark.
I've also posted on Mark's post on Facebook and asked for prayers from my other FB friends...The power of prayer is strong and miracles do happen! I've known Mark for many years (he also announced at most of the NW Mini shows) and am blessed to know both him and his wife Sharon. I have known for quite awhile about his ill health.

I would love to be at his "party", but not sure that will be a I have to hope he will be at HIS chair center ring at Nationals at least for the National Grand Champion classes as he so wants to do!!
Although I do not know Mark or Sharon personally I had the pleasure of hearing him announce the AMHR National show this past September and I will forever remember it. It made the show even better. In all my years of various types of horse shows I have never experienced someone that spoke so clearly with such enthusiasm. He was a true joy to listen to. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family at this time.
I'm so sorry to hear this.... I don't know Mark either but the excitement he brings to a show is untouchable by any other announcers I've ever heard. Sending prayers for Mark and his family.

I have a brother in law with an enlarged heart and his lungs are burned and they gave him 3 mos to live in 1991 and he is still going to this day and he had no treatment or surgery they could do nothing. for him ... So a never give up additude and positive thoughts can get you through alot.

I'm praying Mark will be telling the same story years from now.
Sending prayers for you Mark. Your positive outlook will surely prove to go a long way in this struggle yo are facing. Best wishes to you and your family.
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Prayers and best wishes sent for Mark and his family. Doctors are not God and shouldn't pretend to be. Keep a positive outlook Mark - there are hundreds pulling for you!!!
Oh no, I had no idea!! I've known Mark for years and years. NOBODY can announce a show like Mark can. He's such a great guy, and he and Sharon have been the backbone of Nationals for as long as I can remember. Mark will be in my prayers, and I so hope that the doctors are wrong, and that he will be here for decades more, to light our lives, even if he can't announce any more. Stay strong Mark!!!
I have known Mark for several years now. A wonderful man and the best announcer in any breed shows. I am dreadfully sorry to hear this. I'm not on FB so had no idea things have turned out as they have.

Sending lots of prayers and gentle hugs, his way.

That is terrible news. I thought that he was improving. Our prayers will certainly be with them.

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