Pics from a local show (mostly of jumping)

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Laura Leopard

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Feb 20, 2008
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We attended a fun show a couple of weekends ago. Here are a few of my boy doing mostly jumping. We have just started training to jump and of course even though he was doing well at home; he totally refused several jumps at the show. Here are pics of me going back through the jumps with a little more encouragement!


Would love a critique on the halter pic. Overall conformation?


He does manage to clear this jump. It is supposed to be a spread, but I took the pole down to encourage him to go over.


This is one of my favorites. All four feet are off the ground.


Love his form in this one.

Neat pics. My boy and I are working on jumping too. He looks nice in the halter pic. Hopefully someone will be able to give you a good critique.
Ouch. Take the chain off when working on a lunge line over jumps, please. Many also find it easier to work Hunter/Jumpers over fences in a more forgiving and stronger Western or barn halter, especially while a horse is still learning. I would also switch hands when working on the lunge line with the whip, so that your lunge line is in the hand closest to the horse with the whip in the farthest hand, popper end pointing behind your body. This will keep your body going in the same general direction as your horse and will prevent you from "pushing" your horse away, thus giving mixed signals. Looks good otherwise!
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I agree on taking the chain off, I was wincing when I saw the lead wrapped around the standard and was imagining the accidental yank he probably got for doing what you asked.
It also looks like the footing was a bit deep for a little guy like that so it might have been tough for him. He's a cutie and it looks like you did very well! Congratulations.

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Thanks for the replies. I don't normally lunge with the show halter on. We were just up at the ring right after the class and I didn't want him to get away with refusing all of those jumps and walking away from it. Someone had a Parelli lead and carrot stick so I used the circling game with him to get him over the jumps. His lead actually didn't knock over the standards. I got it over it before it caught.

I'll probably get a regular halter for the jumps next time though because It was really difficult taking him over in the show halter.

I don't know a lot about the jumping, but what I was going to say was already covered.

For his conformation, I'm not too good at that either, but I'd say his back is a bit long.

He's a cute boy though!
I would try to get him to reach out his head, he overall looks good, um yea about the jumping, not with the show halter they can break and so many things can happen, bad idea use a nylon halter! but he looks good!
He's a handsome boy! I love his color (those socks and his dorsal -- so pretty!!!)

For jumping, I'd just use a nice, clean nylon halter. He'd look fine and I've seen that plenty of times at shows.

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