Our only foal of the year has arrived

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Dec 11, 2002
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I haven't posted about her yet as we were having the same problems Jill was, actually Jill already knew about our baby because she was there to talk to and worry about the same things with.

But we think we have finally reached a turning point so I am so proud to be able to present our first foal in 4 years and only foal this season.

AKS Medalions Something So Special better known as Sophie.

Sophie was born April 4 (yes the same day as Jill's filly) but she was premature and a redbag. Thank God for the wonderful guys at Ravenwood because without them Sophie wouldn't be here today. But she did have some oxygen deprivation so she was very slow to get going. She didn't know how to nurse, so was tube fed for the first two days, then she had to be shown where to nurse but still couldn't latch on to nurse enough. She has been on fluids since day one and was at the vets until yesterday. We were almost to the point of having to decide to put her down as she just wasn't progressing enough. I went to see her Monday and came home so upset. But I talked to friends, my daughter and Dr Cheryl Powell and we decided that we would bring her home and do what the vet was doing. I have worked in a clinic, so I can do the fluids, meds, things like that. So when I called the vet he was happy we decided to keep trying for a while longer. So we go Tuesday to pick her up and her mom to of course, and seems she had turned that corner over night. She was getting up to nurse on her own, could find where to nurse and was getting more milk each time. We got her home and she has progressed even more since yesterday. She is nursing more on her own, we don't have to show her where mom is anymore, she actually follows mom around the stall. Today she tried to chase the cat. She can't run, her legs still need to get stronger and she has a support bandage on one to help keep it straight, but she behaves more and more like a foal should. And she can kick LOL. So we are still taking it one day at a time, but with all of support she has had, she should be pretty close to normal very soon.

So here is our precious baby girl, Sophie.

This was at the vets Monday.


This was here at home Tuesday.


Thank you for letting me share, its been a rough week but it is turning out finally to be good news.
Oh Karen, look at her GORGEOUS EYE!!!! Congratulations on Sophie making it this far, I'm sure with your care she will continue to thrive.
Sophie is a little cutie and I am so gald that she has turned the corner and has come home. I will keep her in my prayers. Congratulations on your little miracle.

Oh so glad to hear she is doing well, congrats on her.....do you mind me asking how premature was she?
Im glad she is doing better isnt she just as cute as can be!

How much of a premie is she???
Karen & Sam ~ so glad things are improving for your little girl ... she must have a fighters heart ... and she's cute to boot .
You know, we aren't to sure. We didn't ultrasound the mare early enough to get an exact breeding date, but we think she was only about 300 days maybe a few less. Her mane is hardly there and she has no forelock at all yet. Her legs are all rubbery and go everywhere. But she is getting stronger everyday on them.
she is precious

what a sweetheart.

we were be praying for her to keep getting better.
She's a precious little thing Karen! I'm glad she's doing so well! Congrats!
Many prayers to your very special Sophie. She's a dollbaby and sounds like a real fighter who nots giving up anytime soon. Give her an extra kiss for me

Glad that you are doing better after a hard week, see you soon

She's absolutely a doll, and is obviously a fighter. Good for you for being there for her and pulling her through.

Sophie is a cutie... sorry to hear that it started out so rough for her but glad she seems to be doing better
Congrats on a beautiful baby. Who is her mom? I know from experience when you can get one to turn the corner to being healthy that it is such a relief. Please keep us posted on her progress. See you at Williamston.

What a sweet baby Sophie is ... I am so glad she has turned around.. Please post more pix as she progresses...

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