Our new Bandito baby!

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Dec 5, 2002
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We are so thrilled with this little one! Arrived on May 16th about 10 pm. He's by Little Kings BT Buck Bandito out of our Cross Country Rowdy Reflection mare. His dam is a minimal frame (tested positive for LWO). He's a buckskin pinto overo and has one blue eye.


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He is absolutely gorgeous, Laurie!! A huge congrats!

Susan O.
He is BEAUTIFUL, AND, is a perfect example of why there is NO NEED to breed LWO to LWO in hopes of getting more color. As proven here, one minimally marked LWO+ parent can prodice a beautiful frame overo pattern! CONGRATULATIONS!
LOVE him! Nearly too pretty to be a boy! Love those Bandito babies and especially love how his line mixes with Rowdy
Congrats, Gage!!!
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I have to say I think he is one of my favorites so far this year
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Thank you everyone! We like him too! And thank you Mona for bringing that up about the LW Overos. It's so true. I had Gage test Bandito for LWO to be able to breed him to this mare. I didn't think he was LWO positive, but I would never breed LWO to LWO. So I had him test him just to be safe. That's why they have the test.

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