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  • Wind... welcome back, I guess. I prefer you go on another vacation, though, because my life is a little happier and a little easier without you around.
    Wow, so very nearly ended up in an auto accident as a collateral vehicle - I am so glad that car stopped spinning in my direction!
    Normally, I don't post sappy messages, but today I make an exception. Every Monday morning, I have to say goodbye to Taylor as he leaves for the week to go to work. It's been this way for over 2 years and it kills me a little more each time. I really wish I could see him every day... even on his bad days. I miss him terribly.
    my hubby is a truck driver, and he is gone for weeks on end sometimes. hugs i know how hard it is!
    The tragedy of moving all over the place - all my friends are also all over the place.... I promise if I were to ever strike it rich, I will throw an annual party and pay to have you all come visit me. I miss my long-time, long-distance friends!
    What is your biggest public restroom pet peeve?
    Carolyn R
    Carolyn R
    Granted that there isn't TP all over the floor which comes in #1, I would have to say, girls, if you hover rather than cover (and sit), please be neat and wipe the seat.
    Such a lovely Sunday today! The weather has been PERFECT all morning. We plan on taking Puck carting today and see if he's remembered how this goes, despite that we haven't driven him in 3 years. And then we'll take him to a friend's house and do a little pony party this afternoon
    Oh it's Saturday! For reals this time! LOL! I still woke up before 7:00, though... a full day ahead of me where I get to conquer the world instead of just go to work ;)
    Note to self: buy milk today. Heavy whipping cream diluted with water is NOT a good substitute - it just tastes like watered-down cream. And plain vanilla yogurt is too sour. Needless to say, my breakfast cereal this morning was less than satisfying.
    I always keep a couple of cans of milk just for days like that.
    It's always so hard to say good-bye. It's even harder to say it every Monday morning. Already missing you, Taylor.
    Saturday is Belgian waffle day
    at least it has been most Saturdays since I bought my waffle maker. Have to get my money's worth!
    Anyone from the Pacific Northwest headed to the AMHA World Show this month that might have room for a horse on their trailer coming back?
    try Tracy Gutscher at Flyin G Farm
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