Our first foal of the year.....

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Samantha S

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Dec 3, 2006
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west virginia
He is a beautiful black and white pinto.He was born Thursday 4/17/08 and measured 18" at birth.He is just gorgeous and very full of life and loves attention. He is from my b/w pinto stallion and my sorrel/white mare. Both his parent are homozygous.The pics are him only a few hours old and he had not unfolded yet. Now, he is built beautifully and loves to strut his stuff and show off for everyone. I would love your ideas to name him, we are stumped. His dam is AA Cloudburst and sire is Rowdy King of Ambition. Any suggestion would be great. I hope these pics come through, this is the first time I have tried putting pics on. Thanks for letting me share.


Congratulations on him!!! He is adorable

What about Rowdy Cloudy or Little Proud Cloud?
Congratulations! He is cute and looks so TINY.

Ambitious Thunder Storm

Ambitious Storm

Rain Cloud

Rainy Day
He's adorable! What a little sweetheart!
That pretty boy needs a great name. I am sure someone will think of one that you will say that is just the name he needs. If he was mine I might call him Rowdy's Burst of Ambitions and I would give him the barn name Cloud.

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