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Jun 3, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
This is Sable; Mom named her as soon as she saw her.

When I called about the puppies the other day, the lady told me that sales were slow, so they were taking offers. I told my mom that if there were 2 that I liked & couldn't decide between, I would offer to take both for the asking price of one. As it turned out I liked this little girl and the black one--but I ended up choosing the black one because I liked the way she ran out & barked at me when I first got there.

well, wouldn't you know the fellow offered to sell two for the price of one, but I said my mom would shoot me if I went home with two. so, I took the black puppy, but the guy said if I changed my mind to call & I could still come and get the 2nd puppy, or he'd arrange to bring her here if he was going this way. His wife piped up & said she was going to the city today so could deliver the puppy.... When I got home & described this pup to my mom, she said I should have taken her.

So, this puppy was delivered at noon today and as soon as she saw her my mom said that if she'd been choosing she would have picked this one over the black one. Soooo, Sable now belongs to Mom and the black puppy is mine.

This one looks more like the Great Pyrenees breeding I think?




This is her first attempt at climbing the steps up onto our deck.. She got to the second step, very awkwardly but she got there; as her hind feet got onto the step her head went through the opening at the back of the steps & she overbalanced & fell through to land under the deck...needs practice at climbing steps, obviously!

congrats!! I want one! what a cute puppy
Oooohhhh man!!! I want one, too........ only four legged things I love more than my horses are my dogs

That puppy and your other one are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!
Both are just adorable but I like Sable too. Unusual color and her little black face I just love her Congratulations mom.
Awww.... she's got the most kind and gentle looking face. You can just see a sweet personality in her looks.

With the face on that last picture, who could refuse.
Both are very sweet.

This picture say's -"I am on duty guarding already, sleep good!"

She's adorable! What breeding cross is she?
MA, she is Shepherd/Pyrenees--father is full Shepherd & mother is Shepherd/Pyrenees/?? cross.

I have to say we are very pleased with both puppies. Both seem to be very smart and they have absolutely super personalities. I had reservations about getting two together--I'm not normally keen on having two litter mates & no doubt two puppies will have some training issues due to their togetherness & puppy playfulness, but we know this & will deal with it.
OK.,..she is just precious!!! I would have major spoiling issues going on with these two cuties!!! Look at that face of her going up those steps...I'd have to pick her up and just spoil her rotten!!!
You have got to stop this....making people want to run out and get a puppy. Just look at that face. I have one dog and looking at her makes me soooo want to run out but it is not a good idea at this time. lol

Both are totally adorable....I am green with envy here! They are sooo cute! Enjoy!
Adorable puppies, watch the steps, my chow last year was coming up the steps to our deck and his leg slipped between the steps and he raised it up and broke his leg in two places, cost $3000.00 for surgery, I can quarentee that after that happened there was a back put on each step.
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