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Dec 12, 2004
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Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you to all who have been praying for my little girl, I appreciate it.

Well, the vet came out today, and checked her over. She drew blood, and sent it to the lab for a full panel. She instructed me to start treatment hard over the next few days. Penicilin(sp?) in the morning and night, and also another type of antibiotic at night. All in shot form. Faith is going to hate me. Plus, an anti-inflammitory for the next two days, once a day. After Friday and Saturday, the vet said to quit with the anti-infammitory, and back off the shots to once a day. I'll get the blood work back tomorrow, so we'll see what that says.

Faith did eat some alfalfa hay tonight. Which I thought was good. I just have to make sure she continues to drink enough, and offer her every type of feed I have, just to see if something intices her.

Hope and pray for the best is all we can do now I suppose.


Picture is of Faith last summer or spring
I sure hope it clears everything up! Poor girl isn't going to like you for sure! Make sure you give her plenty of treats to make up for it!!! Good luck!!!
Saying a prayer for Faith. She sure is a cutie. I hope she improves quickly for you. Good luck!!

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