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Carla Raye

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Feb 27, 2019
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Hi everyone
I just wanted to introduce myself.
I am a first time mini owner and have learned so much from this site.
Most every question I have I can find here and I enjoy the friendly atmosphere here.
One of the questions that I have though is Bleu is almost 11 months old and I’ve noticed most of the other horses in my area, have progressively begun to lose their winter coat. But Bleu hasn't.
Is there any sure way to know if there is a problem at this point and what to look for? Maybe minis loose it differently than regular?
Welcome. I am new here too.
Some of my horses shed earlier then others. Not sure of any advice other then probably checking on Bleu's deworming schedule. Enjoy your Mini! They are neat little horses.
Hi and welcome! I second what Bluebell said about the worming. And maybe have the teeth checked to make sure she is chewing OK and getting the nutrition out of her food.
My minis have just started to shed here in New Hampshire. One of them I have to clip every year because he never really does shed out and always looks scruffy. I think sometimes there are horses that are just slow to shed.
What does your little one get for vittles? It might be worth reviewing her feed to see if it is lacking in something. I can't help with that, but maybe some of the other members here could.
I will look into what both of you told me and maybe in a few weeks I will have a good report to give back .
I know that his worming is done every month but I will do more research .
Thank you both for your helpful advice!
Welcome to the forum Carla.

Your 11 month old has a foal coat. You will notice its more fuzzy. Foals usually hold onto this for the first 18 months. You will notice a big change in coat next summer.

If you wanna see whats hiding under all the fuzz, you will need to clip :)
Awe... that is very helpful to know! Thank you so much
Yes its very fuzzy lol
But he sweats a-lot so Ive been brushing him daily.
We both are glad to know its not health related.


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