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hello everyone,

Greetings from Switzerland. I am proud to say that over here we are finally recognizing the AMHA AMHR , and starting to put on some good schooling shows. I hope in a few years we can get this group up and running. To my left is Quelly one of my shetland ponys out of France , parents from England. Next month I hope to purchase an AMHA AMHR beautiful yearling , her mother is from Florida, and I am from california (was) . Anyone have some advise in introducing a yearling mare to an existing herd? I have a 3 year old gelding , a 28 year old donkey gelding (grouchy) and a very "alpha "mare (left) she is not a kicker , just uses her rump to move the boys out of her way. What is the best way of introducing everyone? I would like them to all live together in the pasture , and my stall is a "open floor plan" . because they are all under the age of 4 do you think they will be playful? Is it best to let them work it out in the big pasture where they have lots of space and food? looking forward to reading many interesting and helpful posts.
Welcome from Utah!!!!

Is there a way you can set up a temporary pen in the pasture so that everyone can see each other without all the kicking??? Then in a few days after they get use to her, you can let her out with the herd.
Welcome from Ohio! I agree that its best if she can be in a pen where she can see the other horses but not come in contact. Then after the newness wears off put her in a big pasture where she can get away if she has to. Congrats on your new horse!
glad you could make it! Good luck on your shows!
Welcome from Nevada. I had a problem fitting my new mare in with our head mare so I put the head mare in with my stud (don't care if she gets bred) and then feed them all at the fence line. It is like they are all eating out of the same pile of hay. Soon My head mare couldn't tell which side of the fence she was on and now we have no problems.
Welcome from Minnesota!

We've had good luck with introductions from across a fence line where new and existing can get used to each other before sharing the same pen or pasture.
Hi from Pennsylvania, USA and welcome to the forum. I think you'll find we have many members with superlative skills and knowledge and will help whenever they can!
Welcome. Another from Minnesota

I hope that you enjoy your new baby!!

I would iagree to ntroduce her through the fence first. they can do all of their squealing where they can not touch each other. When you do put them together, it would be nice to have them in a large area so that the young one can get away from the others if she needs to. But do not be surprised if they all chase her for a while.

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