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Jul 25, 2004
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Norco, CA
A friend rescued this girl yesterday and gave her to us for rehab. She was still nursing her yearling colt until yesterday, but they were both skinny and uncared for!

I just don't understand how someone could starve a miniature horse to this point - it's not like they need to eat very much... but they DO NEED TO EAT!

Here she shortly after her arrival:



She has a really cute face...


It's so hot out here and she was so matted and grungy that I started clipping her - and she had so many bug bites and gross skin that I stopped and gave her a bath - we'll finish clipping her when it's cooler tonight. But it's almost worse seeing her clipped....


SCARY, isn't it?


We're calling her "Sweetie" until we find out what her registered name is, also in the hope that she'll BE a sweetie to deal with, even when she's gotten more energy... it's pretty obvious that no one has worked with her much. When her papers come we'll find out how old she is, too!

She's been wormed (yesterday) and we'll do it again later this week... her teeth need floating as she "quids" her hay - I have a call into the vet to come see her - meanwhile we're feeding her carefully.

I just don't get it - how can anyone let them get this way?

It isn't like I needed another project with 7 or 8 mares here for foaling and little baby Abbie to watch over, but how do you say no to something like this that needs help so badly?
How could someone do that
Thank God for you all saving her. My heart goes out to her and her colt. I pray they both get better soon.

keep us posted.
Thank you so much for taking in that poor little mare.
It takes someone special with patience and time to spend rehabilitating one as bad as her. Only best wishes for her and the "baby" and you!!
Poor thing! So glad she found you! Her life wouldn't have been much longer if you hadn't!
Her eyes say it all.

My last project had to be clipped toward the end of Dec. in Ohio weather but it was necessary. He had open harness wounds under a matted coat that hadn't seen a brush in years. Mine would also quid his hay. Just from my experience you might do well by getting vet out as soon as you can and be careful of deworming too much, too soon. I found out with Timmie that the little ones and rehab really need a lot more than that of the biggies.

I'm sure she feels so much better and she'll fill out! And I'm sure she'll live up to her name unlike my little Buster who was called "My Little Buddy" but it was quickly changed to Bad Buster Boy!! It's been over 4 years and his name never did change back to Buddy.
It's OK though because I like a wee bit of naughty!

Did your friend take her yearling also?
Kudos to you both.
That's so sad.
I'm so glad she's in a better place now.....bless you for taking her in.
Heart breaking. What are people thinking!!??

Hope it all goes well for you. It sounds like you have your hands full, but thank you for caring for her.
I'd also like to know how someone can starve a horse so badly, and then not even notice (or care).
Bless you for taking her in!
That poor baby.
Do you have her foal also? Bless you for taking it on, Karen. She needed you. You will be repaid for your kindness, I have no doubt. (((((HUGS)))))
OMG! Kudos to you for taking in that poor, poor mare.... I know feed is very expensive right now but it's a MINI for goodness sake!!!

I hope she is looking like a different horse for you in no time! I know she will get excellent care at your place!

Thank goodness for you and your friend! You are doing amazing work. Next year I want to study to become an Animal Welfare Inspector, pictures like this inspire me even more to achieve this.
That is just so sad that it even makes me sick.. How could someone do that to a animal?? I know that there are too many in that posititon right now. Thank goodness for people like you

I know that I would rather GIVE my mini's to someone to take care of if i could not afford them. I would never let them get like that nor take them to a auction.. In fact, my mini's are on the plump side, and i would rather them be plump, and healthy and happy than starved..But don't tell them I said they were plump
They aren't to heavy either.. You are a wonderful person to help that mare and all the others that you take..

edited because some reason tonight I can not spell for the life of me..
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another friend has taken the colt to geld him and make him into a well fed and well cared for pet!

Jen and I just finished clipping Sweets and found several raw spots here and there on her - including the whole underside of her pretty head!
So now we can treat them (she's been liberally coated with goo where needed). It's not from wearing a halter, thank goodness, just seems to be bugs and fungus or something. We found all kinds of flea dirt (among other things) on her when clipping her - :arg!

She's VERY "reactive" - especially for a horse that starved - so we'll be doing a whole lotta training with her while we fatten her up, just in case she turns into a terror when she feels better! I can't really tell at this point from her reactions if she's been abused or just never handled much, or both. Perhaps one of our online animal communicators can help us understand her.

Hopefully she'll stick with being called "Sweetie" and not something more evil!

You guys are great with the good wishes and prayer - thanks so much for the kind words and thoughts!
Bless you for taking her in. She's probably getting the first loving treatment she had in a long time......
K - Is there anything we can do to get that other person who had her in trouble????? This is awful!!! GRRRRRR!

I can't wait to meet her tomorrow night. Maybe she'll be our new Star project. Star is so much better now who knows what we can do with Sweetie!
It's so nice and generous that you took that poor dear in. I've only been on these boards a short time and everyone here are such nice and helpful people. Good luck with Sweetie. You can see that she will probably be very pretty once she is more back to her normal self. Hopefully she will be a "sweetie " for you.
That is disgusting- and looks like a great case of LICE!!! I am sure she is full of parasites internally also! What a sorry mess.

Bless you for taking her in!

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