New Pics of Trisket

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[SIZE=14pt]She's doing great and putting weight on nicely
. She is a great little mare and we love her so much

[SIZE=14pt]This one was from 3 weeks ago.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=14pt]This one was from today.[/SIZE][SIZE=14pt]Sorry about the gray bottom I was in a hurry and rushed it.[/SIZE]
The first one was right after a bath. She's wonderful about getting her baths. I had given her 2 since she was here during our last hot spell. Her coat is still thinner than Smarty and BEll's, but that's okay. I will be getting a blanket for her and making her a polar fleece. I don't Blanket unless it's 10 degrees or below. I'm thinking I might blanket her a little more since she's never been out of Florida as far as we know. She's gaining weight wonderfully on her new feed. She gets 1 1/2 cups beet pulp, 2 cups senior feed, and her meds in the morning. She is getting 3 cups beet pulp, 2 cups senior feed, and he night meds at night. Plus she's getting grass and all the wet hay she want right now. She loves her wet hay as long as it's cool out. When we had the hot spell she wasn't eating as much hay, but she is now.
I'll keep everyone posted.

I finally found it! I lost the website
Trisket looks awsome!! I am so happy that she is off her meds and gaining weight. You all are really doing a great job with her. Mom said give her a BIG hug and kiss and let her know we miss her!!!!