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Sep 19, 2004
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I am so very,very happy as I now have a black mini mare. Her owner brought her in to a vet I know and wanted her put down.
My good friend works there and begged the man to let me have her. Her feet are so horrible.!! They look like elf shoes with big boat bottoms. She also has yellow drainage comming from her eyes and nose. She is on antibiotics now. Advice on mini feet appreciated , God Bless Ramona F
her feet are going to take a ton of work and im just praying they arent abcessed like monas were. You need to get the best farrier you can find. Its going to take months of constant slow trimming to get her back in shape. Remember not to let them take off too much too fast. I would guess in the beginning shell have to be trimmed every couple of weeks. Bless you for taking her and keep us updated
I have never seen such a sad ,desperate animal very full of pain and sadness.! I pray we can save her. I are using my vet to trim her hooves,I don't trust any farriers around here with her problems. Oh I hope she will be ok! Ramona F
Bless you for taking this little mare!
I hope she soon will be showing improvement and lives a long ,happy life with you.......
i am so glad you got her. I got a rescue mare in about 2 weeks ago a walking rack of bones.. and so scared of people she is coming around already while she doesnt like to be caught she will follow me around in her pen while i am cleaning her stall getting about 2 ft away instead of hiding in the corner- i even walked by while she was eating and patted her rear without even thinking about it. She was nursing a foal which i think is what brought her down so bad she looks so much better already. YOu will be so glad and amazed at how fast your little mare will come around and be your best friend
Good luck with this little girl. Let us know how she progresses and how about before and after pictures? Maxine
Bless you for doing this, whatever the outcome. I truly hope this has a happy ending. Please keep us posted.

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