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Nov 30, 2002
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Dawn, her farrier just called me hysterical and said she just learned that Kristy and was killed yesterday in a car wreck. She had plans to go riding and bumming around with Dawn and when she didn't show up and return her calls, Dawn call the house. Kristy's mother answered the phone and told her.

Kristy was only in her 20's and leaves a 4 year old daughter.

Dawn is on her way there now and will post information later if she can.

I'm just shocked. This girl was so happy and enthusiastic about her new horses and always presented herself as a kind spirited person here on the forum for the short time we knew her.

I don't have any other information at this time.

Kristy's brother James has responded on page 12.
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OMG!!!!!!!! How terrible!!

Shes the one who just got the 2 mini stallions> Ricky & ???

This is sooo sad!!!!!
That's the girl that was asking for critiques on her two stallions, right? The silver bay and the roan one?
So sad. How awful for her family.
I remember her posts with her filly Millie and her daughter.
Her poor family, my prayers are with them. That is just terrible.
Just spoke to Dawn, the funeral will be at Brown's Funeral home in Atoka OK at 2:00 pm.

Cards can be sent to her mother at:

Nina Robertson

960 Rocking R Road

Atoka OK 74525

My deepest sympathies to her daughter and family.
Oh no. What a terrible loss for her little boy and her family. The family will be in my prayers.

Wow this is just awful
It's so strange how someone is there one day and then gone the next
Oh no!!!!! My heart just sunk when I saw this. What terrible news. I am sending prayers for her family.
OMG, I'm so sorry for everyone that touched her. How on God's earth do you tell a 4 year old child that Mommy will never be home again. God Bless her family. How horrible....
OMG I am so saddened to hear this. Poor little thing. My prayers to her family.
This is dreadful news. She was so enthused about her horses & seemed to be such a nice person.

I'm so very sorry.
That is such a tragedy. I feel just awful for the little one. The family will be in my prayers.
Definitely a tragedy........My prayers go out for her little GIRL........and her entire family.
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So so sad. My prayers for her family.


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