Classic K Miniatures update. REST IN PEACE, LITTLE FINN!

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May 31, 2011
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New South Wales, Australia
Hi everyone... (says a sheepish Cassie who hasn't been here since October
My Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


boy have I missed you guys! it's just been so crazy busy I haven't had a chance to get on here...

All is really well here. we have been enjoying a beautiful hot but still wet summer so everything is beautiful and green and not many fires (not here anyway)

Horse update:
Smartie (stock horse) is doing really well considering he is 26 this year, he got stress founder last winter which took me ages to get his weight back again but with this grass he's doing so well and I have even been out riding him!!

Penny (mini horse) is doing well as always fat and loving being wild haha, I keep thinking I should sell her so someone can do something more with her, but then I think of how she is Smartie's companion and I rethink it lol

Suzie (mini pony): my beautiful darling mare, who gave me the most stunning little colt August last year.... we weaned Pippin last weekend, so she is out in the big paddock for a little while loving life with Penny and Smartie just chilling and letting relax and enjoy being a pony for a while before I bring her in to prep for showing again. love my sweet girl so much. she really is the best girl

Finn (mini pony): my little bug is mega fat oops! but loving life, he is looking fantastic this season and my Dad absolutely adores him!! he even brought him in our house lol.

at the moment he is weaning his little bro Pippin and they LOVE playing together! Pippin is helping him lose weight and is doing quite good at it haha!

hoping to get him out to a few shows this season also... theres definitely two local ones I'm aiming to get too so hopefully they do well at both.

Pippin (6 month old colt) My beautiful little mushroom prince, I love this dude so much! he is just stunning and I love him more and more the older he gets, those who have Facebook have been bombarded with Pip pics hehe soz about that.
I got Pippin colour tested and he is Silver black (excitement for me) so I have sent off his registration papers this week, his show name is "Classic K Silver Legacy" so I am really excited to get him out to some shows... again hoping to take him to the two local ones that Finn will go to... as long as my friends can take me
I found a mega cute little browband for him which he wore for the first time tonight <3

we have had a little trouble with his feet, just his frogs growing funny so my amazing farrier has been trimming him every month to get his hooves looking better and I have been cleaning out and spraying with purple spray every day and he's looking great.

finally starting to lose that baby fluff.... finally haha! hugging him at night helps he looks so cute in his rugs.

ok enough of me blabbing, no post is a post without piccies right?? sooo here are my ponies, a bit of a timeline for Pip as you haven't seen pics of him since he was 2 months old naughty Cassie...

Newborn <3


2 weeks old



2 months old


4 months old


5 months old




and weaning time, almost 6 months old.

playing with his big bro FInn



and today little Pippi wore his browband and led bridle for the first time.. need to get a new throat latch and lead but thats ok...


hope you are all really well and 2015 is going well for you and your horses
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Oh well Ill start by saying your are excused for abandoning us for so long. The pics and updates on your team make up for it tho.

Wow Cassie he has really grown up, 6 months already where has the time gone ?

Hope you had a great Christmas and 2015 is going great for you
We've missed you but we must forgive you since you gave us so many wonderful pictures!!

So glad you're back and hoe you'll stick around!!
Thanks everyone, he has grown up way too quick! Tomorrow it is! Pippin is going to his first show!! Finn is going too will let you know how both boys go later tomorrow hopefully will have some nice pics of them too

Look at the difference in a month!image.jpg

Both boys looking totally impressed at having to be clean and rugged lol


Wish us luck!! Hoping Pippy will be a good boy for me ?
Sorry I haven't posted before Cassie, but just want to say that both your lovely boys look absolutely fabulous!! Sweet Suzie certainly did you proud didn't she, clever girl! All the very best for the show tomorrow - dont forget the camera.
Thanks Anna! I've missed you so much

I'm so proud of my boys especially pip he just takes everything I do so well hoping he's a good boy for me tomorrow
big camera already packed and phone on charge so If I dnt get pics I'm going to cry lol

Suzie is the best girl in the world!!!! And loving being a wild pony for a while enjoying being out in the big paddock just doing her own thing.

Will let you all know how my two babies go tomorrow.

Best way to spend Valentine's Day with two boys I love so dearly

Happy Valentine's Day to you all for tomorrow
CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR HOW THOSE SPECIAL BOYS DO FOR YOU!! But no matter...... to us they're WINNERS!!!!!
WE'RE BACK!!! after a very successful day!

Pippin went in his foal class and got 1st! the champion class was very difficult... he deserved reserve but didn't get it... was such a good boy for me!

Finley got first in his gelding class then CHAMPION gelding woohoo!! he is fat and lazy but such a good boy he really looks well and has matured amazingly this year!

both boys then went in breeders group and came first.

they are both exhausted now poor bubba some picks from today for you all <3










Brilliant Cassie - and they both look fab in your pics - you look very smart too!!
Hey my friends,

I have been very slack and not updating again.

Pippin went to his second show on the weekend and got Champion miniature pony wooohh!!!!
No update is an update without pictures right... so here's my little champion




hard to believe he will be a year old in a few days! he was such a cute bubba!10339544_10153065960324027_4612473389453584510_n.jpg

I need to also ask you girls to pray for Pippin's big brother Finnley, my first foal and the favourite of my family as a foal Finn got really bad colic and we almost lost him, since then he has had a very delicate digestion system and any little tummy upset would result in colic most times I was able to treat him myself but this saturday he got colic bad and he has been in the vets since then. I had to make the decision to not do the surgery on him on Monday and now we are trying to give him enough time to push things through and get better.
He is in the best place possible and under the best care.

He still has good gut movements, good heart rate and gum colour, still bright and happy and his tummy bloating has gone down, he just isn't passing anything so I would like to ask dear friends that you would join me and my family in praying for my precious little dude. We're really hoping he will come through this. Diane, Anna, Renee and some of our other Aunties know how much this little man means to me.

This was him saturday night when he went into the vets very bloated and miserable


this was him yesterday when I visited him and took him for a nice long walk a brush and a nibble of grass you can see how bright and happy he is, he just isn't passing anything. Finn2807.JPG

Please pray for my little buggy bear, he means so much to us all


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