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Dec 2, 2002
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Here is a picture of our 3.5 mo old colt. His sire is a near leopard palomino appy and his dam is a snowflake blue roan appy. Is it possible he is a smokey black? These are the picture for his papers and I don't know what color to mark. Neither of his parents have blue eyes, but he does.

I think he is a Smoky Black + Pangaré- that gives the cream underbelly and round the eyes and nose- pretty unique
According to the studbook his sire was a dun appy and his dam was solid black.

The baby was clipped a little over a week ago.

I have tried demanding color labels with the foals
, but the darn filly fairy and berry fairy seem to lose them on the way
Do you have pictures of his parents that you can post??? That might help us decide what he is

Aren't these colors fun
I'm sticking with my original guess- but there may also be Silver at play. Do you have pics in his full coat??
Here is are pictures of his dam:



Here he is unclipped and a couple hours old

I am going to say that stallion is a silver bay, not dun or palomino.

He is of course appaloosa, too, but I think the base color is silver bay.

The dam being roan, perhaps the foal is a silver roan?

I had a foal that was silver w/a dilute gene that had blue eyes when he was young, too.

They are now a sort of olive brown color, not very dark like most other horses.

If there IS a dilute gene, the stallion then may be a silver buckskin and the foal is a silver buckskin, too.

Neat color!

Liz M.
The mare is not a Blue Roan- she is a Grey. The foal colour?? I'm still sticking with Smoky Black + Pangaré- but you can add Silver to the mix, and possible true Grey!!
rabbitsfizz said:
The mare is not a Blue Roan- she is a Grey.  The foal colour?? I'm still sticking with Smoky Black + Pangaré- but you can add Silver to the mix, and possible true Grey!!

Doesn't a true grey turn white? His dam has the dark mane and tail and will never turn white, she's 17 years old. Maybe you'd call her black with snowflakes then, because she's definitely black.

The baby is getting some black spots on his coat now and had mottling and the scelera of an appy. His eyes will always be blue, they are very light.
Some Greys die before they reach white, some are white at birth. I've looked at the other pictures of the mare and I would not call her a snowflake, either. I would call her an Appy roan +grey with Appy characteristics- (I'm taking your word she has some as I cannot see any in the pics but they change all the time!!) I did wonder about the stallion the first time I saw him- my Palomino base near leopard was much, much paler than that but he did have the Varnish marks on the knees and they did get darker with age. The only way the stallion could be Palomino base is if the sire were Smoky Black, or the Dun was Buckskin and the Black had a Sorrel parent. He certainly does not look straightforward Palomino. The foal has definitely got Silver in there, I think, but the Appy/Grey will confuse everything.
I'd say he's a cutie who will be a different color every year

For now if he were mine, I'd call him a silver bay roan, if there is such a thing
Well, I agree AND disagree with Rabbitfizz.

I do not think the mare is a true "gray". I believe she IS a Blue Roan Appy as the poster said. Her winter coat is much too black for her to be graying. (If she were graying...the winter coat would be just as light as her undercoat.) The dark winter coat is very typical of a Roan in winter...then they shed, or clip out VERY light in Spring. I know that Roans have dark heads...but this mare's head is probably lighter due to the Appy roaning.

I DO agree, however, that the sire is NOT a palomino.
I also think he looks like he could be a Silver Bay.

As far as the foal goes.....I would bet it is actually a very light Silver Dapple (Silver black)

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