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Aug 19, 2003
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What do you use on your show horses while they are at the show? I live in VA so I would be showing in DE, NJ, MD, VA, NC this year. I used to have slinkies but they are so expensive now new I want to make sure they are the best option.


Sheets - I had a slinky on a show mare and it was just a little too small, and made a huge sore on her shoulder over night from it moving across the skin.

The ones from Double Diamond have darts for more shoulder movement. Plus they are pretty inexpensive.
Slinky hoods and sheets, its the most comfortable for the horses and alot less expensive. Keeps the horses nice and clean for the next day showing.
I use regular (nylon) sheets with matching color slinky hoods. I find the slinky fabric tends to rip (at least on mine!) so I prefer something a bit stronger to cover their bodies.
I use sheets, i like them better. I have a few of the sheets from star lake tack, i like the look of double diamonds. I think Laura makes sheets, they look great and i need to order some still
I used a slinky hood on my show mare. I was trying it out over night and it creped up into her eyes and I gave the hood away. I have seen some made of fleece I was wondering about. I think there is a pattern you can get I thought I would send it off to my sister since she has a serger machine.
Slinkies / hoods on first, then a sheet over top. Helps the slinkies stay nice. I'd tell you purple works best, but you probably wouldn't believe me
Here is a sheet that Marcia designed (My Debut is the model, owned by Quay when the pics were taken). I think these sheets are REALLY nice and look great. I need to give Marcia a hollar and order some to try out myself



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