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Aug 18, 2003
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Alberta, Canada
Hey guys.

Now I know this is tricky to do without actually seeing in person, knowing the area I am in, but I really would like some opinions on pricing one of my mares. If anyone could PM me then I will send all info and history in her along with lots of photos.

I will not be offended what so ever after all I am asking for help and will look at this as a learning experience.


Well, Dee, I can't help you because I think I am terrible at pricing my minis.

Also, I have found that I can sell my minis for more locally than I can outside of the northeast. That may have as much to do with minis still being "new" here as the high costs of transport.

Good luck and sorry I can't help!
I think location has alot to do with pricing a mini. Shipping is expensive, and alot of times by the time you pay to have the horse shipped it double your price (if not more) on the horse. Any of the ones I sold always went out of state, this is the first year I am selling most of my sale horses locally. I also seem to have very reasonable I can "pick" the home for them, which is of the most utmost importance to me. I also have not ever had to lower my price on any of mine, which I do see alot of that being done to help out with shipping. Corinne
Thanks guys!

I know that it is a tricky thing to ask, but I really appreciate all the help!


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