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Sep 11, 2003
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Hello all

I need to PUBLICLY Thanks a few people I don't know all your names but you will know who you are! If you want to chime in that would be fine! I had a few insidents with sick horses and halter malfuctions and stress!

On Friday night after Liberty I went to my stalls and had my mare laying down we got her up and she went down again so I knew we had a problem! I had Jamie walk her and I wnet down the barn isle to Pam (Horsefeathers) Stalls and told her I was not sure what to do that I could not hear any gut sounds but I thought it might just be me! I was thinking i needed a vet but earlier in the week I needed one and could not get one! so her Husband came down to my stalls and took a listen he did not hear any either so he had us walk her the long way around to there stalls whiel he went to get the Banimine! Well she pooped as we walked in the barn i thought whoooo I was a little excited! well she still had no gut sounds so with the help of others I am not sure who they were a Suringe showed up and the first shot was givien and a second was drawing for later in the night! I was givine instrutions to walk her and listen to her every half hour or so! Well I think i thanked everyone and started walking the mare we walked for a few hours and still no change in her gut sounds so I gave her the second shot and walked more well she finally pooped again and was getting her gut sounds back needless to say this was the night before obstical and hte drive home I did obstical on a hour of sleep and my poor gelding I cued him worng and messed him up!

Also Wanted to Thank Pam for helping me with my filly's halter! Hers was to big and Pam lent me one for her last class that fit!

Well I hope I am not rambling but I wanted to express how much I appricaite all the help that was givien during a stressful time at NAtionals!!

I look foward to seeing you all Next year at local shows and Natioansl!


P.S. I probably should have put this in my first nationals post but wanted to be sure thouse who it was for would see it!
Thanks Rebecca, glad to help. The folks you got the syring from was the dentist, Gary ?? sorry, don't remember the last name. We were stalled across from them. Very nice folks. But then, aren't most mini people?

Thanks Pam!! I thought that was where it came from but I was a bit focused on the mare!!
YEAH...that is GREAT NEWS!

I wondered how that lil mare was glad to hear things are back to normal. Yes it was Gary Fleur that gave the shot...he asked if I had any I grabbed my trusty scooter and zipped back to our stalls to retreive two that I kept in my first aid kit. I had the needles, but was glad he gave the shots.

Thanks for posting...I am so glad to hear she did OK. I'll tell Gary when I see him in few weeks. He is an Equine Dentist & Chiropractic Technician. Best to you and God Bless!

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