My 2 homebred show youngsters..

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Oct 20, 2006
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These are my only 2 retained homebred stock so far... and must admit i do rather like them.

Calekio First Wish aka Chaos. Born June 2006. Currently stands at 31.5" and doesn't look to make much more. Chaos was the first homebred foal i kept, a very lovely little filly in my eyes with a... interesting personality.. fine if you know how to handle her... can be a right little madem if you don't! Had someone who does show photos come up the yard last week and they were rather taken with this little filly....

As a young foal in 2006

Her first show at 2 months old..

With mummy & daddy..

4 months old

Her first clip as a yearling

Taken Jan 08

Few months ago.. she was clipped later due to illness

Having a moment..

Clipped last week


Calekio A Touch Of Heaven aka Spirit. Born May 2007. Currently stands at 29". After losing his dad back in 2006 we kept Spirit in a hope to running him on as a future stallion. I'm rather attached to this little colt as although he can be a right monkey when he wants to be, he is so cuddly and friendly just like his dad was.

We are hoping when the pair are older they will make a nice match for each other.

As a baby last year..

In the winter before we clipped him

His first clip..(bad tram lines.. rubbish clippers! lol)

Just been re-clipped & bathed

I'd prefer the head but still a nice stand

Just such the darling little pony..

Grazing over me..



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Dec 29, 2003
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Kenilworth, Ontario, Canada
The horses are very lucky, they obviously are part of a very loving family and it shows
They are so cute too and I like the way you showed them in stages.


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