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Aug 21, 2012
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Sydney, Australia
I took my very first babies to their very first (and second) shows. I bred them myself, they are now six months old and very healthy,happy, obliging young children.

This is Presley (CherryWood Suspicious minds) He has Lucky four cinemax/Silverado/Lucky four don amigo breeding. I opted against clipping them for their first show as they were so young and I didn't want to over load them with too much.


As you can see... It really didn't bother him as he proceeded to lie down in the middle of his workout in front of the judge and have a snooze.

He was awarded second in a colour class of about five and second led mini foal.

I managed to get him from looking really rough like this to somewhat presentable with a rug and elbow grease.

Next is his sister (same sire.) Hermione aka Cherry wood Love letters. These two were born four days apart she was first. She has silverado/lucky four cinemax/ lucky four don amigo. My mares both have the same grandsire so they have similar breeding but are nothing alike really.

She was second out of eight in her colour class and first in her small horse foal class.


They behaved so well I decided to clip them and take them to another show (Sadly they were no contest against the clipped ones except in colour otherwise they would have remained un clipped.)

At her second show she was 1st in filly under two and Res.champion filly/mare in a strong class of mature mares. The judge had a hard time choosing between champion and reserve and she was just pipped for champion.


I don't have any clipped ones of Presley as we were in a rush to get them on the trailer before it rained. But he was 1st in colt two and under.

They have a few more shows to go and then Presley will be getting gelded. It wont be long and their mothers will be giving birth again! Time flies.

The first of many shows to come , they are both lovely
They are beautiful. Congratulations on your first shows! I know you are very proud. It is a major accomplishment showing your own foals and to have them do so well is icing on the cake. That is hilarious Presley laying down for the judge!! a real Kodak moment there. LOL
Thanks everyone. I do think they are very cute. I have a show in a few weeks with them and will get some nice new clipped photos of them. Can't wait to get them to another show <3
Very nice babies. Its awesome when your home grown ones make it to the ring and your hard work is acknowledged.


Congratulations on the first and second show! Your horses are very pretty. Where did you get the halter in the 4th picture, it is so pretty.


Hi Tess,

I got that particular halter off Ebay. I am in Australia and bought it from the U.S from a Seller called Tina's Horse tack. It was reasonably priced at about $12 u.s, It was on sale and I got a huge bargain.

They are called Tough-1 halters and you can change the noseband. They aren't up there with the same quality as Showtime tack but they do the job and I bought them because babies grow so fast I didn't want to outlay hundreds in halters for them to be useless in months
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