Murfee galloped alittle and loved it.

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Sep 19, 2004
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I took my little Murfee walking yesterday and she actually galloped along side of me. Her feet are much better now and she feels a lot better already. She even kicked out & squealed at the dog . He got too close to her back legs.Her right back foot was turned sideways because of the way her hoof was growing. It is now level. She is a delightful little mare and I am so glad to have her in our family.It is awesome to watch her feel better. Ramona
Thank you for my biggest smile of the day.

Ginny StP
virginia said:
Thank you for my biggest smile of the day.
Ginny StP
Oh Virginia, She is such an amazing little horse.! She teaches me to NEVER give up.I just love her so very much already.! God has blessed me with this little mare. She has true courage. Ramona
Ramona, do you have any pictures of Murfee? I and I'm sure everyone else on here would love to see her. Youhave done a very great thing and will be rewarded for it. In fact, I think you already have been. That little gallop she did must have made your heart soar...

I will get pictures of my sweet little baby as soon as I can ok? Thanks so much for wanting to see her. hugs ramona
That's just wonderful--so good to hear that she's doing so much better! I'll also look forward to seeing photos of her!
AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Everyone has horses but meeeeeeeeee!!!!
I'm too yoooouuung!! Kill myself.
Or just cry. (when I grow up, I'm gonna have so many horses, I'll be broke.)

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