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Nov 30, 2002
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I had another daydream again today

I drifted off in my own usual way

I often wondered how it would be

If the door opened up and it was he

He told me it was an awful mistake

It wasn’t him that night it was all a fake

He was away at college this whole time

And now he’s back and he’s all mine

He heard I needed him at home so bad

And couldn’t stand it that I was so sad

So he journeyed and crossed over all the miles

Just to make me happy and see me smile

I showed him his room; it's still the same

His stuff on the shelves, it all remains

Except daddy now goes in there to think and pray

that we could rest and find peace someday

You're jumping on Dan and he's screaming with joy

The brotherly love that is sharred between boys

And now we are whole and at peace again

Just our silly family the way it once began

We sit at the table, all four of us

And we had so many things to discuss

We showed you how dad keeps your car all waxed up

I made you another hot chocolate in your favorite cup

What a perfect Mothers Day this turned out to be

Both my boys together with dad and me

We made plans to go out and celebrate

This would be the most perfect Mothers Day date

Then I awake from my Mothers Day dream

tears won't stop once more as they stream

Because then I had to stop and realize

that dreams like this don't come true in our lives

So another Mothers Day has passed without you my love

But I know you're always watching me from above

It just doesn't get any easier by the month or the year

No matter how time passes there are always daily tears

I guess you know that I keep your little brother so close

and he has his own dreams of you too so you know

Dad dreams of you too most every night

And with me your visions are always in sight

So stay close to us son any way that you can

and ride along with your brother he's not yet a man

help keep him safe in your heavenly way

and I'll keep on dreaming of you until meet again someday



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Nov 18, 2007
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Corry, PA

Your poem is beautiful and extremely touching. It reminds me to cherish everyday I have with my family and I thank you for that. I feel your love for you son through your words and I believe with my whole heart you will be with him forever someday!



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Aug 7, 2007
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Pacific NW
God bless you Marty. Your words are so real and touching, and that card....WHAT A KID! I hope you don't think this sounds strange, but someday I am going to meet him when I get to heaven!!

Thank you for sharing and reminding me not to take anything for granted.


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Nov 5, 2007
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Marty I just got on the forum today and saw this.

You bring tears to my eyes..

What a sweet card...

I hope you had as good a Mothers Day as possible..

Its ok to still be crying.. You will miss him til the day you meet again...

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