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Feb 26, 2004
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Hi everyone,

The mare I had that was due in Oct. had her baby! She is a week old today!! Everything went fine. I checked her the last time at 3:25 am she was standing and sleeping in her stall (momma), the next time we checked her was at 7 am and there stood the foal. She was still wet and the sack was tristed around her back legs and still connected to her. It finally broke and we untristed it from her legs all the time she was trotting around momma! I think she just stepped out and walked off!

She is coal black and has NOOOOOOOOOO white father was a spotted jack!

I measured her and she is 22" tall at a week old. She just bucks, bucks and bucks all the time. She so funny with all her energy! She is very loving and gives kisses already. She had her moms arab head (I know on a mule?) yes it is really pretty and diamond shaped with with pointed turned in ears.

The other mare I now have on a camera I do NOT want to miss hers being born!

She gets more sleep thatn I do!
Now I know first hand about watching a mare 24/7!

I feel she will have hers on the next full moon. So will keep everyone updated!

Also, if anyone is interested before we completely fall in love with theses little ones - they will (probably) be for sale.
(My husbands says so - but he doesn't always win HEHE)
pictures!!!! I want to see pictures pleassse? (isn't it awful to hear an old lady beg?)

Umm...where are ya and have you priced them yet??

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