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Jul 6, 2007
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Elwood, Utah
Okay, just relooked at my stallion report and I saw the last date I bred was April 23rd of last year!
So my mare is officially over a year. Thought I bred later like the 26th or 29th, but I guess not. But still, those dates are pushing it. I keep saying any day, but she keeps saying not!

Should I be worried?? This is our first baby and our mare is 20. She's had a foal every year most of her life and has always foaled early. Her belly isn't huge. So I don't think the baby is big.
I have a mare at 351 or 352 days... so I"m approaching that year mark, and have a feeling she's aiming for it! UGH!

Mares go on their own sweet time, I wouldn't worry about it.

Oh no! She's bred. Her milk sac has progressively changed, along with her body. Belly is very fat and I've felt the baby kick the tick out of her! She was also confirmed US in foal. So no fooling. :DOH!
Oh gosh Keri. Lets think foaling thoughts for tonight!!!
I've tried thinking foaling thoughts for the past month! Nothing!!! Maybe osmossis will work???? :DOH!
Keep in mind that once a mare is bred the fertilized egg can float without attaching for 40 some days and still be viable. That is why you have to wait when you breed a mare to another stallion. I really suspect these "late or long gestation" mares are ones that it didnt attach for a bit. Until the egg attaches the days dont count. They talk about this in blessed are the broodmares
I couldn't find anything about the 40days in Blessed are the Brood mares. What pages? Do you know off hand? Anyways, my mare foaled at 387 days gestation and all was fine. Sorry for the bad news! lol
Just thought I would let you know that we had a 7 year old maiden mare foal this past week - at day 367 - that is the longest that any of our mares have carried a foal. She was bred April 21st last year.
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Been there too

My mare was last bred April 21, 2007, foaled a wild colored filly April 23

Had a TB mare carry a foal (filly also) 372days - was AI'd so no doubt and was US confirmed at 18, 30 and 60 days
Let's not forget that the original posters mare is 20. Sometimes those old mares just go longer.
Join the club...we have a maiden mare now on day 349...she is driving me crazy with this waiting !!

Do older mares go longer??? I don't know anything about older mare tendencies.

Nothing new today as far as her progression. Soon I hope!
Join the club...we have a maiden mare now on day 349...she is driving me crazy with this waiting !!

I feel your pain!!! I had a maiden foal last night at 347, and I have a maiden I'm still waiting on at 355!


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