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Do you prefer mares,stallions,or geldings?

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Sep 5, 2005
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,not sure.
It would be close but I love the mares first, as they have taught me the most... and then the stallions are a close second for becoming my best teachers. I have never owned a gelding, so I cant yet comment on them.
I cannot answer any ONE either!

Love them all!!

Perhaps I sway a bit towards my gelding, but only because he was one of "my own babys"; not so much for what he is, but WHO he is.
I can't vote either. I have had all-- mares, stallions, and geldings, that have captured my heart. A good horse is a good horse, regardless of its color or its sex!
I also have a bit of everything and have fallen in love with many fillys, stallions and geldings, but my geldings are always there and we use them a lot. I can trust them nearly 100% of the time around nearly anyone and I cannot do that with my mares and stallions. Since I like driving with my extended family and like to let some of them drive and walk these guys in parades and such, I just happen to like the ones I can trust consistently. I have a nephew that is finally too big to ride on the back of my boys and now he is asking when I will teach him to drive like some of his older cousins have been doing.

I'll never forget the parade in which my husband was driving one gelding and my brother was driving another. They were side by side and a young girl ran in front of my brother's horse and my husband saw and yelled "STOP". My brother's horse stopped so fast that my nephew slipped off the seat and was standing. My brother took a second to see what happened, but the horse (and me also as I was heading)knew exactly what to do. He stopped and I was right there to hold him. Oh, yea, I always head the horse being driven by someone less experienced. One word from me and it is like 'oh oh mom is talking--I had better listen'
I really cannot pick a favorite because I love them all. I feel exceptionally special about particular horses in each category. A good horse is a good horse, regardless of gender.
[SIZE=14pt]Love them all for different reasons! I will always recomend a gelding for a youth or beginner no matter what and stallions only for those experienced with them.[/SIZE]

In having to pick just ONE i voted MARE! i have a mini stallion and the rest are mares/fillies. i have always enjoyed the mares over geldings but i DO think it depends on the particular horse becuse my stallion is a GEM!

I know alot of people think a gelding is better than a mare but I have never had moody mares and i have seen some nasty geldings, so again, its the INDIVIDUAL horse i go with.

For training, I like stallions. I know they are not fun for everyone but they are for me. I've only had two mini stallions but I've had several quarter horse stallions. If I had to choose between working with a mare or a stallion or a gelding to work with as in a training project, it would definately be a stallion. I think they are much more alert and sensitive and usually smart and I do love a good challenge. They pay attention. I"ve seen a couple of people walking around using those bumper thingys on their stallions and just had to go "huh"?

But for just hanging out, I prefer a mare/filly .

For a novice I'd say go for a gelding. Nice and steady. What you see is usually what you get every day.
Geldings. No doubt in my mind. Then comes stallions, and them mares. I absolutley ADORE the boys, and I love the level-headedness, and "Can do anything with" geldings. Stallions come in second because yes, I love them and they are sweet as heck, but they also have other things on their minds.. And mares, well me and mares just don't really mix..
Well owning all three I have to say unequivocally a gelding. For pure enjoyment without having to deal with hormones, either male or female, their is nothing like a gelding to be able to truly "enjoy". Most times anybody, whether newbie or not, whether young or old... I truly believe they are the best "ambassadors" for the breed even though they may be far less geldings in this breed than any other equine breed and that is very unfortunate in my books. Somedays I don't want any "challenges", I just want the pure enjoyment and quiet and relaxing time to fully enjoy horse ownership
and that is = gelding
ditto with breanne except for one gelding his name is majic and he was the first one i ever got kicked by so i dont like him. and i dont like a mare cause i got kicked by her
I love them all! but..

Mares = moody

Stallions = Studish

Gelding = ...well I donno, Great I guess, but, too many 'dumb' ones.. they lose their brains when they lose their unspeakables! Well with me anyway!

I say stallions only in minis & only cause Midnight... though Julie*mare* was amazing
justjinx said:
I know alot of people think a gelding is better than a mare but I have never had moody mares and i have seen some nasty geldings, so again, its the INDIVIDUAL horse i go with.


yes - Three of my favorite riding horses were geldings and they was NASTY but they could perform!

I picked mares... have had all genders but am down to a mare only herd now and am loving it!


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