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Mar 28, 2005
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I just LOVE when Magic gets juiced, when I let her out to play in the back yard, and kinda streach, and just to play around for a little bit, and eat some grass, she usually just lets me grab her, and put her back in her corral, well not today (well it was yesterday) she decided to run, so I ran in and grabed my camera, walked out, and didnt want to run, so I started clapping My hands and that got her going, she ran in our newley planted grass(whoops LOL, I dont care, but when there is these little hoof prints of dirt that show up next summer, my dads gonna be mad(just kiding, if he saw her run through it now, he would ask me to try and stop her, but he will just think it is funny next summer) she was flagging her tail, and letting air out LOL she was so cute, but everyone knows she is way out of shape, so after a couple of minits of straight running, she had to take a breather LOL!

Here are some pics!










sorry so many photo's, but I couldnt decide wich ones i like best! And sorry about the fuzzy ones, my camera just sometimes dosent work to well!


She is ADORABLE!!! I love to watch mine run like that too :)

You will have to put her in liberty next year :)

Susan O.
thanks for the comliments everyone:)

Yah Susan, I wish I could put her in liberty next year, we'll see:) I just dont know if she will EVER be in shape enough for the show ring! But I bet she would do good in it:)

Hopfully I will be posting pics of her and Palley running soon Nicole:)

and yes she is my little piggy girl:)

Thanks again:)

One Ritz-C-Kid said:
[SIZE=14pt]Aww!!I love palominos!! 

Hi, Magic is a sorrel, but my new colt is a palomino, his name is Palley!

and miniequine, they sure do look alot alike, but I think I have got you beat in chubinest by a looonnnggg way LOL


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