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Nov 30, 2002
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Spotsy., VA (USA)
It was a good year for us in horses! We have four new additions this year. Three homemade keepers and a really special new boy. I'll show you mine and hope you'll show us yours!!!

Pictured in order of "arrival" into my world:

WFM's Divine Destiny, a/k/a "Divine", a National Champion / Res. National Grand Champion / Halter HOF sired triple Buckeroo double dilute pinto. She may be my favorite foal we've ever had... if not, it's about a tie with Cover Girl, who is her maternal sister:

WFM's Designer Destiny, a/k/a Design, another triple Buckeroo bred double dilute pinto filly sired by our National Champion / Res. National Grand Champion, Halter Hall of Fame Destiny. I think she just is getting nicer and nicer!


WFM's Delightfully Dun, a/k/a "Delight", a double Buckeroo bred double dilute with dun factor -- she reminds me so much of her dam, Bomb Shell while a the same time being undeniably DunIT's daughter... and I think she sports the dirt to try and mimic her pinto BFF's (above):


Then last, but not least, unless you want to whip out a ruler, is our new BOY, Erica's Can't Take My Eyes Off You, a/k/a "Squirt", a Double bred Rowdy ("Taker" x "Angel Eyes") 3x National Champion, Grand & Supreme Champion and AMHA Honor Roll 2yo stallion who is proudly co-owned with our good friend, Erica. I think she gave this guy a perfectly fitting name, but can't hold that out as an impartial opinion any longer now that I'm his co-mom. As I understand it, Squirt thinks he's a bit bigger than his actual 28.75" of self.


So, what exciting additions did 2011 bring to your herd? Please share!!!
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Love your additions Jill.

Here is my new addition

Erica's Tanquery of WF

I love this boy so much!

Who knows 2011 is not yet over. maybe 1 more?lol

I bought one new mare this year. And, my computer crashed and she's now very fuzzy, so I only have one picture available and its not great.

Here's Baybe:

Baybe - Oct 5, 2011.jpg
We bought 1 mare this year (and sold 1 mare)

Cedar Fields Awesome Coco Chanel

2009 Solid Bay mare

Cross Country Call me Awesome x JTR Little Sarah

she's a Lazy N Redboy grandaughter on top


Bring on those new additions for us all to see!!
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Love your mare Lori - she is paternal half sister to our mare Mira, Max's dam.

We bought one mare this year: 3 year old Buckeye WCF Last Dance, a FWF Little Wardance daughter. She is currently being trained here for .... everything!

I will use a photo provided by Getitia since most folks are posting non-fuzzy pics!

First we added

Lil Butt Blazing Glory "Glory"

AMHR Chestnut Pinto Mare

(in foal to Doc for 2012)



And then the most recent we added:

Cedar Fields Duke's Lil Duchess "Duchess"

AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Filly


I have to many new miniature or shetland pony additions(not counting homebred foals) to post pictures but you can see photos on my website. My new additions are:

Almost Dazzlin Midnight Madness SPH ASPC 2011 colt

WHF Captavation's Guardian ASPC/AMHR stallion

Eagle Ridge Spirit Of The Wind ASPC/AMHR mare

Van Lo's Hard On The Hart ASPC/AMHR mare

Cross Countrys New Kid In Town AMHA/AMHR stallion(use to own him and sold him but bought him back)

B.A.R.G's Little Charmer AMHR mare

Lucky Harts Shah Nell AMHR mare

Shauneys Halluva Lucky Gal AMHA/AMHR mare(use to own, sold at 2 but bought her back)

Sarabeaus Willow AMHR mare

DKA Rowdys Nelly AMHR mare

Spots Rowdy Phoenix SPH 2011 AMHR colt out of DKA Rowdys Nelly(has since been sold)

Misty Moon Copys Lil Bit AMHR mare(has since been sold)
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Well if we are including our homebred new additions, then we have quite a few!

These are our for sure keepers but may keep a few others too:

Maple Hollows Electric Magic A/R Buckskin Filly sired by MT, our National Top Ten Get of Sire and National Top Ten producing son of Alvadars Double Destiny, and out of Electra, our daughter of Lucky Four Blue Heritage


Maple Hollows Dusted By Magic A/R Palomino Filly sired by MT and out of Dusty, our granddaughter of Rowdy


Maple Hollows Dreamin Of Magic A/R Palomino FIlly sired by MT and out of Callie, our granddaughter of Bond Dynamo


Maple Hollows All That N More A/R Bay Appaloosa Filly sired by Monte, our National Champion, Res. National Champion, and Multiple Top Ten stallion and producer of the same, and out of Chippy, our stunning appy mare.


Maple Hollows Doya Believe N Magic A/R Bay Pinto Filly sired by MT and out of Susan, our National Top Ten Produce of Dam and National Top Ten producing granddaughter of L & D Scout and Buckeroo. This filly was part of both our Get of Sire and Produce of Dam Top Ten entries.


Will have to continue in another post.
Sort of new addition (Mom owned but I bought from her so same farm
) Carrie A Snowflake A/R Palomino mare, most likely open for 2012 as she was one injured when we were hit by a tornado in July, she had a 9 inch stick shoved in her hip next to her rectum and is just lucky to be alive!


Kaycee Freckles Playgirl A/will hardship R Red Roan Sabino Overo mare, heavy GMB breeding. Also was injured in storm with a fully severed tendon in a hind leg, had surgery and is doing great and also miraculously still in foal for 2012 to MT.


Lakeview Farm Chloe A/R Smokey Black Buckeroo granddaughter and great granddaughter of Komokos Little King Supreme, bred to ASPC/AMHR stallion for 2012.


Little Kings Frosty Fawn A/R Cremello daughter of Johnstons Gold Boy. Bred to a Buckeroo son for 2012.


Jandts Wanna Pimples A/R Bay Appaloosa daughter of Jandts Precious Pimples, open for 2012 and arriving spring 2012.


Bissel Mounds Monte Carlo A/R Black Appaloosa Stallion, National Champion, Res. National Champion, and Multiple Top Tens (first attached pic)

Hobbit Hills Shes All That A/R Bay Appaloosa Mare, bred to Monte for 2012 and came in foal with All That N More (above) (second attached pic)

Oops almost forgot one: Little Kings Remmington A/R Perlino stallion, sired by Little Kings Buckeroo Renaissance (Buckeroo son) and out of an AMHA/AMHR/ASPC linebred GMB mare, Gold Kings Toy Princess (3rd attached pic)

Also picked up two new mares today but no pictures yet:

BPF The Divine Major Brewers Miss Em A/R Black granddaughter of Brewers Orion Major (Orion son) and bred to snowcap appy stallion

Magic Mans Lollipop A/R Black daughter of LTDs Magic Man and also bred to snowcap appy.

I think those are all of our 2011 additions

big resizedmonte_opt.jpg


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Oh Melinda, I am dreaming to be able to see some of your horses in person one day. For the past two hours I've been trying to choose between three of your stallions for a possible future breeding. Its so hard! Each has their pros and their cons! I can't choose if I like Remmy the most or Monte!

I may just have to buy two mares just to breed to both of them! Or maybe just two babies.

Talk to me in 3-5 years. LOL!
I love Everyones New Additions!

I have been Very BAD this Year!

These are just the Ones that are Fully Paid for and here

Desert Realms Lady Sardonyx - aka: "Nyx"

2011 AMHA/AMHR Seal Brown Filly, Who was born here in May


Desert Realms (Still need a name) - aka: "Toph"

2011 AMHA/AMHR (Pending) Gray Filly (Born Black), Our Official 2011 "Keeper"


Then I was Fortunate Enough to Acquire from Lori (Magic on the Forum)

Magic Mist Treasure of Bonsai - aka: "Treasure"

2004 AMHA/AMHR Palomino Mare 33.75" In Foal to Erica's StreakN for Bucks


Then This is my NEWEST Addition

I bought him from Kitty at Zypher Woods Farm! I had been Drooling Over him since 2009 and Finally was Able to Call him Mine!


Zypher Woods Cash Money - aka: "Money"

2009 AMHA/AMHR Bay Pinto Stallion 27" Inches Tall!

He is Currently in California with John Stacy

and Will be Shown in Sr Halter Stallions 28" and Under

three new mares for me

meadowinds indys high hopes

shadel painted sioux

slaneyrose cascade of silver




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Beautiful new additions everyone! Congratulations to all of you
Jill and Maple Hollow, I'm specially fond of your new stallions.

Counting the two homebred fillies born this year that we've kept back, we have three new 2011 additions...all Buckeroo grandaughters

Bar B Zeus Secret Love a/k/a "Puff"

'08 AMHA 33.25" palomino mare

Little Kings Buck Zeus X Little Kings Russian Roulette

Puff is our ninth Buckeroo grandaughter, and exposed for 2012 to our Buckeroo son.


HMM Buck O Blessing a/k/a "Blessing"

3/16/11 AMHA/AMHR 27" perlino filly

Little Kings Buck O X Rolin Acres Lucy Buck

Blessing is the first foal by our Buckeroo son...we are just thrilled with her.


HMM Buck O Perfection a/k/a "Perfection"

5/26/11 AMHA/AMHR 26" silver buckskin filly

Little Kings Buck O X EJH Sparkling Bucks

Perfection is the third foal by our Buckeroo son, and out of our favorite mare. Not the greatest photo, I'm really looking forward to getting her clipped next spring.

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Bay pinto stallion "Lynncliff Doubles Legacy"

Black filly "Timber Ridge Super Star Toy" (has since been "traded")

Sorrel mare "Star Strucks Gold's First Kiss"

Palomino filly "Strasslein LVL Charlie's Rosa Bella" (bought sorrel mare above in foal and this is her baby!)

Black colt "Designer All Flavas" (won him but has since been sold)

Chestnut gelding "Winning Streak's Got Magic" (traded black filly for him)

Silver bay roan mare "Ruby" (rescue mare...farm "pet")

Black pinto mare "Grassmere's Lil Fantasy 2nd"

Bay mare "Bar Z's Born To Be Wild WAH"

We are "done" for now...have some babies coming in 2012 and that will be enough to keep us busy!




101_0179 (1).jpg





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I was SO bad this year
but this was the year I really committed to building my breeding herd and a friend's downsizing deals really helped me with that.

I won't post photos of everyone although they are on my site.

Kooka Heights Painted Lady was my b'day prezzie to myself

Firewalker Tinkers Toy Boy


Kooka Heights Mystical Dream

Kooka Heights Royal Beauty

Southern Star Fantasy of the Opera


Mirrindel Somthing Special


Plus one foal is staying

Marlanoc SP And Still I Rise


and maybe Marlanoc Stormin' In Style


I have to be good next year!
:rofl I've told myself I'll be spending my $$ on rugs and halters!

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