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Aug 27, 2021
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Salem, OR
Since I don't really ride in the winter, I sacrificed my round pen panels to put together a turnout paddock for the minis. As I was doing some non-horse chores, I looked over and didn't see Walter, my 7 month old chubby colt. I thought "wow that little stinker is really camouflaged" and went closer to see where he was hiding. After a bit it dawned on me he WAS NOT THERE. I thought the only possible thing that could have happened is that he was stolen, which would be crazy, but it didn't seem as crazy as him just not being there. I slowly scanned my surroundings and finally spotted him standing perfectly still in the orchard. I still thought someone had to have purposely let him out. Well, after more investigation, we found a flat and hairy spot on the ground underneath the bottom rung of my round pen panel. The absolute only possible way he achieved this was to lie flat on his side and painstakingly wriggle his way under, which still seems crazy when you look at his round little belly. But now that I know this, I feel very lucky he didn't get himself stuck. I have some urgent modifications to make!


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Jan 9, 2005
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NE Montana
And if you have wide spaced panels, like the 5 I got from my in laws, that were for my FILs Percherons; you have babies that will walk right through them. The mares have never tested these panels, but the filly did last year.


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