Dislocated hip, need help finding/making sling

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Sep 8, 2022
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I am new to the forums (see intro I’m new member section), found this forum searching for info on hip luxation and femoral head fractures. Unfortunately my little guy has both, that said he walks anywhere he likes bearing his full weight on the bad leg and will trot/run when he is trying to scare me to death. The one thing he still needs help with is support for trimming his good back leg. It seems like others have made or found slings. Before I start buying things does anyone have ideas or pictures of what works? Very patient farrier who says he only needs him off the ground about 3-4 inches behind and only needs 5 minutes max. Vet and I were brainstorming today and we have beam that will easily support his weight. We’re going to lightly sedate, and really want to avoid anything round the back end while thinking through how to strap him in up front.

Thank you in advance!
We did talk about that as our first choice but since the injury he’s not willing to let anyone around him laying down and we are afraid to cause him to struggle. I have security cameras and he got down with his stifle locked ( issue since birth, surgery made it intermittent versus always) panicked and that is how he did all the damage to the leg in the first place.
So I am excited to say that the little guy felt good enough that a very patient farrier was able to get his back feet done without any support beyond leaning on me. I had quite the snazzy little lift ready but if this works and he can stay on a 5-6 week schedule with everyone else, I am thrilled. Over the past month he had gotten strong enough, comfortable enough for me to clean all four feet so we decided to give it a try.

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