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Dec 9, 2002
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Hi, Does anyone know when the Miniature horse show is in Lake Elmo MN? I thought it was sometime in Augest but have not seen any advertising for it. I would love to attend but need to know when so I can plan to go.......Thanks!
August 20-21 I beleive or that weekend area.

Not sure if you plan to show but if you are the show bill can be found at then go down the IMHC website.
We will be there also, and yes, it is next weekend. Look me up and say HI !!

August 20 - Saturday is my husband's birthday and since we will be at the show all day (and all night) I am trying to think up something fun to do for him and perhaps play a practical joke or two.
I'll be there too! Be sure to stop me and say hi!

Chelsie Kohns

CK Miniature Horses

Mary I could help with the joke
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Sanny remind me that its his b-day. I will have the announcer wish him a happy b-day.

I plan to be there, but not sure how well organized I will be. I have absoluty no help this year and am bring 4 horses(which I was only bring because there new owner was supposed to help......ARrrrrrr)
Hi, Thanks everyone, I'm not planning on showing this year, but would love to go just to get an idea what it would be like. I would love to start showing and this one is fairly close, so I thought it would be a good one to go to just to observe and learn. Plus that is my weekend off, so it will work great!

I'll have to look you all up and say hi!
No, is all R both days.

YOu will find me as Ashley obviously. IM not hard to pick out, the one with the peirceings and tattoos is me.

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