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Jan 19, 2006
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Ontario Canada
Wanting to know who are? Current AMHA Members

How many do you have up to date registered AMHA horses?

We are registered this year with AMHA and have:

horses that are registered and up todate:

3 mares

3 fillies

2 stallions


I have 11 horses and will have 3 foals this year. ALL are AMHA and some of them are just AMHA. It does me no good to have a AMHR horse "only".... I am a current AMHA member and show AMHA.
My husband and I are lifetime members and have three up to date AMHA registered horses.
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I am a long time member of AMHA and currently have 14 AMHA horses. All but two are registered AMHR as well.
I'm a new member (joined late last year) and have 3 AMHA horses (registered with AMHR as well), 2 mares and our junior stallion..
Active AMHA member with

1 AMHA stallion

1 AMHA mare

1 AMHA gelding

All of those are also registered AMHR, counting the above I have:

3 AMHR stallions (1 is also ASPC)

5 AMHR mares (1 is also ASPC)

1 AMHR gelding

That is the reason that I have mostly shown AMHR...my entire herd carries that registration, while only a few are registered AMHA also. We are lucky in this region because both registries have a lot of shows.

I do have one R stallion that I will hardship into AMHA in a couple years when he is old enough, and I will show him AMHA when I do.

I am a member of and love BOTH registries.
Active member of both.

39 horses:

6 stallions:


3 AMHR only

19 mares/fillies:


5 AMHR only


1 AMHA only (who will be hardshipped when I get the $$)

7 geldings:




5 yearling colts:


2 AMHA (Will be hardshipped R when we get enough $$)


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We've been members for a long time, and currently have 56 AMHA registered horses, 2 stallions, 23 mares of all ages (too many!), 22 geldings, and 8 2008 foals who will be registered soon!

Why do you ask?
Current AMHA Lifetime Member

We have 23 horses all AMHA registered and all but 1 are AMHR registered

My hubby and I are both current members with ammy cards as well.

We have no horses that aren't registered both A and R. We show more A than R these days - for no other reason than it suits our "style" of horse better.

Totals (including my SILs horses who live here) are:

2 mature stallions

1 jr stallion

3 (geldings) oops just found one that isn't registered - our rescue gelding)

4 foals on the ground

5 jr mares

10 sr mares

25 horses total if my math is correct and I haven't forgotten anybody!
I am an AMHA, AMHR & OMHCI member.

We have:

7 Mares (1-AMHR only, 5-AMHA only, & one that is both AMHA & AMHR)

we will be hardshiping the AMHR mare into A when she reaches 5 yrs)

2 Stallions (Both are AMHA, AMHR, & PTHA)

And we also have one 2008 colt so far who will be AMHA.
Hey, well I have :

2 AMHA/AMHR stallions

1 AMHR/ASPC stallion, that I am 95% sure I am gelding so I can have an awsome show gelding.

2 AMHA/AMHR mares

2 AMHA mares(both to be registered AMHR soon)


2 AMHR/FBR mares(although if one stays under, I will hardship.)

1 AMHR only(will be AMHA)

1 Grade filly, who will be hardshipped at 5 before the A registery closes.

2 AMHR geldings.

And thats my herd :)
I am a member of both AMHA/AMHR.

Also am a Life Time Member of AMHA.

I have 11 horses, which most are double registered.

1 Stallion AMHA/AMHR

2 Yearling Colts AMHA/AMHR

1 Gelding AMHA/AMHR (goes permanent in AMHR)

4 Mares AMHA/AMHR (one goes permanent this year AMHA)

1 Mare AMHA only

2 foals will be AHMA/AMHR

1 foal will be AMHA only

I use to show both, but concentrated on AMHA because it suited my style of horse better.
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hi, i am a Amha member.

i have 2 ahma mares. 2 ahma fillys, & 2 amha mares that i need to transfer yet.
I did not renew my membership this year, i did have a membership up until last year.

All of my horses are AMHR or ASPC registered,

I have one AMHA/AMHR Reg. stallion (28.5" tall) and one AMHA/AMHR mare. The rest are AMHR or ASPC, or double R/ASPC

So official breakdown is.

2 AMHA/AMHR horses (Sr Stallion, and Sr Mare)

4 AMHR horses (1 Jr Stallion, two yearling colts, 1 sr mare bred)

3 ASPC Shetlands (Classic Sr Gelding Over, Foundation Gelding, Classic Yearling Mare Over)

1 AMHR/ASPC Double Reg Horse (Sr Mare)

I believe that is it?
We are life time members of AMHA and long time members of AMHR. Enjoy both registries and the shows/activities within both. We show both venues every year, this year about 50/50, in the past 7 years more AMHA than AMHR. Prior to that it was mostly AMHR.

All but one of our horses are double registered in both. We have about 87 adult horses and then the foal crop from this year. :DOH!

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I am a Life Member of AMHA, my daughter is also a member and we both hold amateur cards. We have 14 total horses and all are AMHA.

I did edit this, it was longer but I will answer only what the OP asked for instead.
I am a member of both AMHA and AMHR.

Counting my sucklings with pending papers:

Stallions/Colts-- 3 w/ AMHA and AMHR papers

Mares/Fillies -- 10 with AMHA and AMHR papers

Geldings -- 4 with AMHR only papers, 2 with both AMHA and AMHR papers (and 1 grade)

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I'm currently a member of both AMHA and AMHR

Sr Stallion - AMHA only (plan to hardship to AMHR this summer)

Jr Stallion - AMHA and AMHR (he's just 4, but has outgrown his A papers, so will be R only after next year)

5 mares all AMHR only (but one I have an AMHA application for, and I'll jump through the necessary hoops to

register her AMHA if she doesn't go over height).