Ice Bulbs in Hooves

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I find that my horses only build ice when they are soon due for a hoof trim. It seems that my horses do not seem to get "snowballs" as much with shorter horn growth. That being said, when it's cold as balls outside im not trimming hooves till it warms up. I just pick the hooves clean and smear them with vaseline to keep the snow from balling up. If the horse is shod, they make rubber pads to go under the shoe to deter ice buildup. Barefoot horses need a slippery deterrent, they make a product called "musher's secret" for this purpose, its made for sled dogs but works for horses too. Good luck, spring will be here soon, hopefully.
Ditto amysue. If they don't get to bad I just leave em be. They don't seem to stay in long either. Vasiline or any water resistant product. Ha those cheap detangler sprays would probably work to some degree.
With ice balls that don't release and cause some hoof inflammation I trim close, give bute and put easy boots on. In the past I've had to shoe, with rubber pads. I've never had luck with butter, crisco, silicone spray, hooflex, vaseline, etc.
Yes, sometimes oily agents won't adhere to the underside of the hoof because the snow makes them wet. I have made booties with duct tape, baby diapers and vet wrap when in a pinch and I did not have a small pair of easy boots available. Diapers and duct tape are always good to have on hand.

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