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  1. KLJcowgirl

    Wintering the mini: Free choice hay?

    Hello again, I'm here with yet another maybe silly question. I usually feed my Miss May 1 flake of hay 2x a day (about 2 1/2 lbs of grass hay with a TINY bit of alf-alfa mixed in), but since Christmas, it has been quite cold. We haven't had many days above freezing, the week before last being...
  2. k_kreutz

    Share your tail wrapping methods!

    I would love to hear what people are finding as the most effective ways to wrap tails that doesn't fall off over night, but allows the tail to grow. What products do you use if any? Thanks!!
  3. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Ice Bulbs in Hooves

    Is there any way to prevent ice clumps from forming in my horses hooves?
  4. Cupcake

    Need a blanket Pattern!

    I had to sell my blanket as my little one grew out of it over the summer. I don't want to invest in another one as she may outgrow that after only getting a couple of wears again. My friend is a seamstress and I'm looking for a nice professional looking pattern so I can talk her into making one...
  5. Cupcake

    Is it ok to clip the face in the winter?

    I'm in central Texas, the temps have been anywhere between the 30's and 80's so far this winter (even both within 24 hours but that's Texas). Not sure what kind of winter to expect as last years was very mild and the year before we had 15F for days and ice everywhere. Now, I have an "event"...