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Congratulations!!! They are are two beautiful babies. It's wonderful news that they are now home from the hospital.
Thank you all for the kind words, we happen to think they are pretty special!

They have both had a great week and are doing well, appointments today with the cardiologist.

I can't believe they are already a month old!!

Thanks again!!
I think my daughter some how needs to earn frequent driving miles, she is always on the way to a doctors appointment. Saw the heart doctor, Riley is doing well, her heart is very good.
She is up to 6 10 and is starting to squeak some, so maybe her vocal chords are improving, still could be months before they know, but is a sign of improvement. She is awake a lot more and notices everything. She loves big brother Aidan to talk with her and has different expressions just for him. Blakes saturation levels continue to drop, so his first surgery will most likely be in 3-5 weeks. He sleeps a lot, but his body needs for him too.

They took them all out yesterday for the first time, grocery shopping, and it took twice as long to get through the store. All very nice people stopped to see them. My daughter answered the same questions many times over, but she just giggled about it.

Aidan has decided 2 babies will be ok to keep, they just can't be in his room,,,they get the bath tub! He's considerate though, they do get a blanket.
So glad to hear things are going well! Continued prayers for those two beautiful miracles! And so glad to hear Aidan decided they could stay!


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