I think We're Getting Closer!

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Kim Rule

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Dec 9, 2002
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Okay, we saw Cinnamon standing away from the rest of the herd, and not eating the hay I had just thrown out...So, we separated them, I made a nice bed in the shed for her, and have given her the run of half the horse area, and our back yard. She ate her grain...whatever was bothering her seems to have subsided for now. But, her butt is getting very soft, her privates are relaxing, and her bag is getting fuller. It doesn't look terribly full, but the fluid that comes out of her is white, not clear...tomorrow we get lights for the shed, and some pool strips to test the ph of her milk.

We're pretty excited right about now...remind of that next month, when we'll still be on jenny-stare!!!!

Kim R.
Kim, sounds like things are really getting "close" now...we'll be waiting to see a picture of your new arrival. Have you picked out any names yet?? Enjoy JENNY -STARE
...haha. Corinne
I'm on Jenny stare tonight! Lisa and Kris have a bet! Lisa thinks that she will foal in the next 24 hours...we'll see!
Let's see who wins the $5! I'm nervous, and excited all at the same time. I hope I can stay awake!

Kim R.
well keep in mind i havent seen her so going on what you are saying on the phone
maybe donkeys are different but when you said skim milk kinda milk well in horses that means CLOSE
Nope, not yet! Last night she was SO restless...getting up and down, and rolling. Today the foal is in position...she doesn't look quite so wide...so I'm thinking we're one step closer. I hope! Where ARE those tooth picks that I need to keep my eyes open!?

Kim R