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Jun 30, 2004
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I have talked with Monette, Christy Darmond, and Ann Simmons today. Christy and Monette seem to think that will be okay, but its bearing down on Seahorse Farms in Ms. I offered Ann to send David down to here to help cuz she is alone. I am worried sick about her. But those that know Ann, doesn't want anyone else to be hurt or worse.

Also, I seen on the news that people are having trouble finding hotel rooms even as far up as Tennessee. We live just 12 miles from Nashville, and are opening our home to anyone that would need it. We have several extra bedrooms now that it's just David and I. I do have room for horses also, or anyone is welcome to plug in here in a motorhome. If worse comes to worse, we can always get out sleeping bags etc. Our home is large, not a mansion by a long shot, but clean and comfortable. ( I might have to clean alittle). But please anyone needing help of any kind please email me or call me!! 615-547-1590.

Lara and David Pier
We're in Florida... Ocala... Take I-10 East toward's Jax... jump on 275 S to 301 South... to I-75.... south.... We also have a small home... but my kids will give up their bedrooms in a heartbeat, and their bathroom too.... We do have stalls and really good fences to make sure mini's are safe...

Call if I can do anything... God Bless

Lynn W


P.S... The kids and I will have to do some cleaning too... Lol... Oh, yes, very kid friendly....

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