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I’m guessing the snow is a good thing in your area as well, Marsha? Hoping along with you there is no ice forming overnight, it is so treacherous.

Last year, you no doubt remember me whining how much it was snowing, virtually daily, ending with a ridiculous total snow fall for the winter and spring! 😂 This year is the opposite, dry, almost no snow on the ground, and mild temperatures. Some local water wells are drying up in a community about 30 miles from us. A worrying situation.
We had a warm day yesterday (50’s) and I took Marty’s blanket off. Went out to feed at night and was going to put his blanket back on but he was such a wet muddy mess! I think he enjoyed himself. Hopefully he is dry enough when I get home that I can brush and blanket again before it drops to the 30’s overnight.


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