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Jan 22, 2005
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Just curious on how many people will only look at AMHA/AMHR registered horses when looking to buy.

I have mainly AMHR, and all my stallions are AMHA & AMHR and one mare is AMHA only, I am deciding if I want to pay the fees with AMHA also.

I have yet to transfer my AMHA stallions as they have R papers and all of my mares are R except for one, and I thought about just putting her in R and not worrying about her A papers.

I would love the opinions on the the registries, and what you think.

If I had the ability to make it so most of my foals had both A & R, I would do it.

For me, the "must have" papers now are AMHR. AMHA is nice, but in my area, there are more AMHR shows so those papers are the ones that matter the most to me.
We have more AMHR shows in this area so having R horses is my first priority. my stallion is A/R (he was A only so I had to register him R as my mares are mostly R). the A/R is not a necessity for me but I know alot of people like the option.

ALL my minis are both AMHA/AMHR.

I started out with double registered AMHA/AMHR have kept it up. On occasion, I have bought AMHA only & then registered them with AMHR. But, have never bought AMHR only, as I couldn't register them AMHA without hardshipping.

I find that it greatly increases your sales market to have them double registered, as some folks are more involved with AMHR shows & naturally want AMHR registered minis. Other folks are more involved with AMHA, and only want AMHA registered Miniatures.
[SIZE=14pt]All of mine are R two are also A. I feel like I get more for my money with R.[/SIZE]

I like double registered horses, especially in stallions because that way you can breed and register mares either way. I like A/R registered horses because they can show in more shows too. Our new colt is double registered.
Ours are all AMHR, and these days if a horse isn't R registered, I'm not going to bother looking at it.

Our interest/specialty is the fancy moving B division driving horses/prospects, so we could care less about AMHA papers.
I refused to even think about a horse unlesss it was double registered when I was looking for a horse. I was so afraid Dealer was AMHR only, because I really wanted him!
All mine are A/R. I only have one filly that is A only as her sire was not registered R before the big hardship fee was set in place. I just feel that they are more valuable as double registered as the "buyer" has more options wheither it be for showing or breeding.

I'm located where there are only a few R shows that are less than 3 hours away. But what if there is someone that is interested in one of my horses that lives in an area with more A or R shows or wants to show in both. For me it's not what is around me but what options it gives the buyer. Then later down the road it is easier if that "buyer" wants to breed the horse they've shown they don't have to pay any outrageous hardship fees. The more options the better. There were several R only horses I've passed up that couple be hardshipped to A but I could buy a double registered horse for the same asking price and not have to shell out the hardship fee on top of the transport costs...etc....
I would look at it this way.

The cost of transfering the stallion and all paperwork afterwards does not even come close to the $600+ it would cost to hardship a 5year old mare into AMHA.

For $20 (foal applicaton fee) why would you want to cut out any portion of your market?

This is coming from some one who hates doing paperwork and hates even more writing out the checks to either association.
minicount said:
I would look at it this way. 
The cost of transfering the stallion and all paperwork afterwards does not even come close to the $600+ it would cost to hardship a 5year old mare into AMHA.

For $20 (foal applicaton fee) why would you want to cut out any portion of your market?

This is coming from some one who hates doing paperwork and hates even more writing out the checks to either association.


I guess I am looking at the cost of transferring the AMHA papers on 3 stallions, 1 mare, and then updating 2 from temp to permanent + the Membership fee with AMHA, + one stallion will be past the 6 months on his temp to perm. So I am figuring over $300 to get it all in order.


Just not worrying about AMHA and transferring the AMHA mare into AMHR and that costing me the about the same.

Like I stated my 3 studs have AMHA papers, although I have only transferred their AMHR papers as that is all I use. So in a way it would be more beneficial to just transfer the A mare to R and pay those fees.

I guess I could dump more money into it all, but not sure if I REALLY want to mess with the A.

AND the longer I wait the more the fees are in AMHA so I had better decide what I want to do soon!
If you plan to only show and have no plans to market horses, "R" would probably be the most economical. If however, you plan to market horses in the future, double registered horses give you much greater visibility.

Currently (out of 17 horses) I have one "R" only gelding (B size and for sale) and one "A" only '05 filly (whose sire was A only). I transfered all my "A" only mares into "R" last year before the price went up. I will plan to transfer that "A" only filly to "R" also before she is ever bred.
All of my horses are both AMHA and AMHR registered. By going with only one registry or the other, it would cut out half my market. As a breeder, I can't afford to do that. I will continue to double register all of my foals.
I started out with A only then went to double reg and now my whole here well one mare has A papers everyone else minus the 2 show geldings (ravens) are R only. I have not had any problems selling my foals in fact I have a waiting list for certain mares. I personally wouldnt buy a horse unless it was R reg . Havent seen it hurt my visibility or marketing at all although I do realize there are some buyers who prefer A/R but seeing as I have a B program they wouldnt come looking to me anyway
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To me I will buy any horse that is of the quality I want...........a Good horse is a good horse, no mater if over, under, A or R ext........or even an unregistred one to hardship.

I "prefer" to have double reg (AMHA/AMHR) horses in my herd, and my 30+ breeding animals are double reg ( have two geldings - one R only and one ASPC/AMHR).

I have bought several AMHA only horses and put them into AMHR - not a big deal when you are buying a horse that you WANT.

I show "mainly" AMHR now due to me still being in college I can't swing missing for AMHR and then missing for AMHA nationals..........

I like both AMHA/AMHR registries - have nothing against either of them and try to support both of them. I prefer the 32-34" horses so works well for me.
We started out with "A" only horses -- then we took them all over to AMHR. Now, there are only AMHR shows in ontario so we do have a couple of mares that are R only so their foals are R only but the majority are double registered.

However, now that it is so expensive to take an "A" horse across to "R" I will not very likely be interested in an AMHA only horse so double registered will be the way to go.

Some of the larger farms with really good pedigrees only seem to have AMHA horses so the horse would have to be something really special & one that I wanted really badly to buy an AMHA only horse.-- or I would look for a farm with those bloodlines that had double registered horses .
I agree with Dona, all of my horses are both A and R with the exception of an R gelding that I'll keep always anyway. Just gives you more flexability if and when you want to sell, especially now when many of us advertise on the Internet and not just in the local papers etc., which would reach buyers from a local area with the same likes/needs insofar as registration is concerned. So yes, even with the rate increase to bring an A horse into the R registry, I'll still buy an "A only" horse and register it into AMHR, but not vice versa. Just my opinion!
More and more of my horses are the B sized ones; I prefer them and that is what I've been purchasing for a while now. Driving is my passion and I really like horses in the 33" to 38" range. My A sized horses are AMHA/AMHR registered, for the most part, but AMHR is where it's at for me, since I can show both my A and B sized horses at the same show.
I started with all A and double registered all B too. I will buy either if it's a great horse and then pay the fees to double register them.

Right now I have three A's needing R papers, and one R waiting to be hardshipped A, so it depends on the horse!

My preference though is double registered and Parent Qualified. It save me having to do it when they get here!

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