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Nov 7, 2004
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Fort Collins Colorado
I just bought these 2 AWESOME neck sweats, one is fleece, and one is neoprene, and I got both for $5, so thats awesome...

But, I bought it for Peanut and I was planning on leaving the sweat on him virtually all the time. It will come off every day for an hour or so to get some air, but who else does this? If so, explain what you do please.

Please also don't criticize me for sweating a neck. Although the breeders are trying to breed for a NATURALLY skinny neck, he is not one that made the cut. I don't know anything about Peanuts lines or anything, he was a rescue.
There is not a thing wrong with using you neck sweats to keep their neck in condition, however, it is a must!, that you keep them CLEAN and take them off everyday or the neck will rub and get sores, infection and loss of hair. I cannot stress how important it is to take them off, especially in these hot humid days, We put ours on in the daytime and remove them completly at nite. We only use the neoprene sweats when we are working the horses, we NEVER leave the neoprene sweats on all the time. Hope this will help you
[SIZE=14pt]Im with Donna, Neoprene is for working only adn immediately rinsing off the neck.... the fleece lined ones you can wear most of the time with airing out time and washing them really well to prevent fungus.[/SIZE]

My horses that wear the Wraps, (fleece) wear them at night and most of the day if its not too hot. The Wraps are air dried every day and thouroughly brushed with a stiff brush to make sure there are no shavings, hay or anything on them that will irritate the skin. My horses are kept body clipped, so its important that the Wraps be super clean. They also wear a sleezy over them to help keep the shavings out.

These are stalled horses. I don't leave the Wraps on while they are turned out, so I can't comment on that.

Hope this helps

Edited to add: Also, and I'm sure you know this,
but I have to say it.....make sure you don't wrap it too tight. It takes practice to get it just right. Run your hand under it to make sure its not too tight

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Ok, let me explain this some more.

I am only using the fleece sweat for all the time use, and i add the neoprene one on TOP of the fleece one when I work them. They are stalled and he gets if off daily and he is brushed and hosed down and the sweat is always clean as well.

It is also not too tight. Don't worry about that. Its meant for a big horse, and its not the greatest fit in the world, but it works.

The fleece liner by itself will probably not do the job. Ill fitting sweats don't work either. Many folks make the mistake of buying 8 - 10 inch neck ( too big/long for most miniatures) wraps and those do not do a very good job either, in fact they won't want to stay in place very well either unless you have one of those long necked horses.

There are many styles, lengths of neck sweats tho., so it is hard to explain without a photo. Lots of different ways to wrap a neck depending on the length of the neck, whether there is a natural arch or not, whether or not the horse needs his throat wrapped and so on and what you are trying to accomplish by wrapping them.

Believe me, even the long thin neck show horses get wrapped. I wrap mine 24/7. Depending on what needs to be done to the neck I may add a plastic bag under the neck sweat while working them.

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